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  1. Hello All, I am having an issue where when I manually add leading silence in audacity to my MP3 before importing it into EOF, the output WAV file in the song folder has cut out the leading silence. The OGG file however keeps the leading silence. So when I use that WAV in WWise to make the WEM file, my chart does not sync with the audio. As a workaround I have been manually creating a WAV using audacity and using that to make the WEM file, but it would be nice if I could skip that step. For some reason the "add leading silence" in EOF doesn't work (I have posted a separate topic a while b
  2. This thread talked about some different possible crowd events. Looked around in the menus and I couldn't figure out how to add those. Can someone give me a quick crash course on how to use these?
  3. @@raynebc and @@iminashi Thanks for your help guys! It blows my mind every time how helpful this community is. I tried removing FHP per iminashi's "simple way", but it didn't fix the problem in RS. Is there a different way to do this than Note > Rocksmith > Remove FHPs? Maybe I was doing it wrong. Used Raynebc's handshape way and that did give me the output I was looking for. Thanks guys! :lol:
  4. @@raynebc the image just says "error"
  5. Hello All, Having an issue authoring a chord slide with an open note. Tried tech notes, ghosting the middle open note, etc. Can't seem to make it display the open note correctly. See below for EOF and RS views. When I author it in GP5 and import, it turns it into separate chords. Thanks, -Hunter http://i.imgur.com/IFSREAx.png http://i.imgur.com/NnGqEMt.png
  6. Here is the ogg file (although I remade it after the error, but I still get the error on it when I try to add the silence): https://www.dropbox.com/s/f72jsqqm87noqzv/guitar.ogg?dl=0
  7. Hello Guys, I am experiencing an error every time I try to add leading silence. It tells me adding leading silence failed and then asks me if I want to undo. I hit yes but it is still messed up afterwards. I am okay with not being able to add leading silence, but this also caused an error in my chart. At the 3 second mark, the song now just ends and I can see on the chart that there is a red line signifying the end of the audio. I can also no longer hear any audio for the song in EOF. Anyone have any ideas? How to make leading silence work and how to fix my current chart? Thanks!! Here
  8. Hey all, I turned off grid snap for one quick thing and now I cant turn it back on. Both toggling grid snap in the options as well as the G hotkey do not work. The problem persists with different songs loaded (ones that I did not have this issue with). Any ideas? Thanks! UPDATE -- not sure how but it randomly started letting me turn it off and on again freely but I dont know how to delete this post... sorry
  9. I figured it out! I had 2 separate files for the same song in my DLC folder. I deleted one of the duplicates (they had different file names but everything else was the same) and after deleting one it worked fine
  10. I am getting an unusual glitch. I made this custom song: https://www.dropbox.com/s/onjvoz7hcyvrmma/Umphreys_Miss_v_p.psarc?dl=0 It was working fine for a while, but I made some tone edits and then when I went to test them out the song selection screen freezes when I select the song. But not crashing, I can still use the letter keys to sort the song list, but cannot do anything else. I've tried everything I can think of. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  11. First, Raynebc you are a god. Your software and quick replies to everyone is really amazing. Done a lot of charting lately and theres a few things I think would improve EOF. 1) Some way to edit the note fret without going into the "n" screen. I was thinking control + scroll wheel to increase or decrease note value would be handy. OMG after submitting this I tried control and scroll and it already did that. Holy shit Rayne, you read minds. 2) Zoom in!!! 3) Triplet grid snap as one of the choosable options vs custom 4) Information panel shows current tone in effect for selection 5)
  12. My trill didn't import correctly from guitar pro, and I can't find the option to change the note value to trill in the "N" menu. Anybody know how to do this? EDIT -- under the note in EOF it does say TR, but when I load into rocksmith it doenst show a trill
  13. @@Alex360 @PC Plum Remaking the WEM using Wwise 2013 fixed the issue. Thanks!!
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