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  1. Hi guys. I didn't tell you before, but I'm crazy about synths and keys. I like to work with a sound - to create and especially to replicate the sounds. But I need in your help now. What do I want to do? - I want to play 'Take a bow' by Muse with my band What do I have for now? - 5 guys - 3 MIDI-keyboards and 3 digital workstation (Kurzweil Pc3k8, cheap Casio and Korg LeTriton) - Audio interface x2 - A laptop What do I need? - What programme should I use to play live with no less than 3 keyboards? - What digital synth should I use to replicate all of those crazy synth sounds? Original song features Bucla 200e as I remember. - I can create all of those sounds separately. But how can I change the presets so quickly as I'll play it live? - Do you know where have I find Down&Up type of arpeggiator which could be applied to synths I use? Haven't seen it before in any programme. Also would be helpful to know how can I set up my own pattern. - How can I use different layers withouth splitting the keyboard and controll each sound separately? As you can hear at the song, there're some kind of strings and synth sound goes the same at the start of the song. But if strings don't change their sound, synth does it from time to time, adding more highs 'till the end of the first part. Any help would be appreciated, so if you can answer any question - it would be very helpful to me.
  2. Gonna go to Vienna to see David Gilmour at 28th of June. Also want to go to see Muse at 21th of June at Moscow and Deep Purple at Krasnodar (8th of June). It looks like very interesting music June. Only thing I need is money <_<
  3. Ready to supper! I can help you with Genesis' song when you'll be able to do that custom.
  4. Have seen them live this year. There was a great show, but awful sound, so I realized which song is it closer to the end. But I had a very good memories about that. http://cs625427.vk.me/v625427230/357a5/tOH4ybp90U8.jpg
  5. Кстати, в ГП есть вариант переключения пресета на одной дорожке. Там есть так называемые "Вариации" - Variation 1, 2, 3 и 4.
  6. Okey. You'll better start with 'Bell Boy' - I'll make 'I've Had Enough' (I especially love this one)
  7. @@GetTheLedOut - He started to work on bass part for both songs. I'll check them as soon as they will be ready. It could be great if you will start with "Drowned". I'm so sorry that I didn't start to work on 'Quadrophenia' yet. I have a lot of job in my university now, so I have not much time to transcribe the songs. I'll try to work on lead and rhythm part, but it won't be quick release. But I'm ready to help you with checking the tabs.
  8. I finally finished 5:15. Check it now!
  9. Me too. I have been on 2 shows - local music festival and Scorpions's concert. Early Scorpions are pretty progressive as I know. They played some acid tracks from that era of the band on the concert. They're still great live band! That music fest included Ken Hensley's and Joe Lynn Turner perfomances. They were accompanied by Russian band from Saint Petersburg. Fantastic guys. There also was Pink Floyd Tribute band, great musicians too. I didn't like their singer (he looks and sings like modern rockers, not like Gilmour or Waters), but they are outstanding players! I wanted to go to Deep Purple's concert too, but I hadn't enough money for that. @@albatross213 - You're lucky. Not every big band/musician visit Vienna or Krasnodar, but many groups make tours in USA, so you can see bands which we'll never see live. I'll never see The Who or Dave Gilmour live, but you could. We don't go to concerts often because not much interesting musicians come to our city.
  10. Okey, guys, 5:15 will be posted much later, because I'm still waiting for bass tabs. So I decided to start to transcribe 'Quadrophenia'.
  11. @@GetTheLedOut - good job, just two notes about problems: 1. Here. 2. You forgot to end song sooner. I hope I'll be able to make playthrought before I'll go to hospital, but I can't promise.
  12. I haven't listened to guitar multitracks, so I believe you. Slides/bends was just my guess. I still can't explain how to play chord like this 5x7xx5. Well, I won't fix mistakes if you think that you did a good job. Yes, you did. I made notes about some moments that I found a little bit wrong. If you're right I find this song very unusual for Pete's style. Anyway, you can post it if you want.
  13. The second part of review. Now about rhythm part. 1. I couldn't check every single note in arpeggios, so you better send me GP file. I'll check all parts tonight or tomorrow. 2. What the hell is this?! http://imgur.com/elwFPgY 3. You better replace it by usual D chord. It's very difficult to play this chord in that chords progression. http://imgur.com/P87mvpX 4. I told you about that. You should use A5 chord like x022xx here. http://imgur.com/DoCN5Ws 5. You better end the song after this section. http://imgur.com/zHV2ciL
  14. Here's a bigger reply than previous one. With screenshots. Here's all about LEAD part. 1. You better use 02245x chord. http://imgur.com/zCZYmUU 2. It must be D chord. http://imgur.com/yKVdgcF 3. You missed some fills here. http://imgur.com/CLk7LQa 4. I couldn't play these chords in original speed, so I've used RR. I don't know what chords is really there, but it doesn't look like Pete's style. Please, send GP file and I'll fix this and other mistakes. http://imgur.com/6bSOD7n 5. Why slide? There were a lot of one-step bends on the 3rd string right before. I think here's the same thing. http://imgur.com/8JEVJv6 6. Here should be just A chord xxx9 10 9 - it's a typical Pete's chord. I never seen THIS chord in any The Who's songs. http://imgur.com/8yYbqbJ 7. I think it should be one-step bend too. http://imgur.com/4BchMhT 8. It's very unusual thing for Pete - octaves like this. The only thing I have seen with chord like this - Pinball Wizard. I don't mind that he could use octave here, but I'm sure he didn't play that 5th fret on the 1st string. It's impossible to play with pick. http://imgur.com/hLEl3sL 9. I think you should delete this part. There's no song, just fading. And the part before looks like completed phrase. http://imgur.com/ziptgxV
  15. The first impression. 1. Lead part - need some fixing. Some chords are impossible to play. For example, 5x7xx5 in the end. How should you play it? There's also one wrong chord, before 'My jacket's gonna be cut...'. It must be D (usual Pete's chords progression - A G D), but it looks like x00323. You missed one fill (I'll make a screenshot of it later, I need to go soon). As I could see Pete never played A5 chord as usual (x02255) after bend on the 3rd fret on the 6th string. He plays like this: |----------| |----------| |-----2----| |-----2----| |-----0----| |-3^------| I don't remember what part contains this mistake - lead or rhythm, but check both. 2. Rhythm. It's very hard to play arpeggios correct for the first time (I know chords, but I don't know strings progression). There's a little problem in the game with one D chord, but I can't tell you in English. I think you'll see it too. If not - I'll make a screenshot later. 3. Bass. No problems. I think you should end song about 2 measures before. It looks sloppy (word from Google Translate, could be wrong). Song is faded, but you still playing the part. Fade is a real pain in ass, but I prefer to end the song (as I made in 'Punk') as soon as it starts fading.
  16. I'll check it tomorrow and give you big reply.
  17. Is it means that it'll take less time?
  18. Hmm... it's a weird thing. I hope you'll can deal with it. We can wait.
  19. Have 'Helpless Dancer' done. The simplest song (except 'I'm the Sea') from album. Check it now.
  20. @@GetTheLedOut Be careful with Pete's moves! When I tryed to make them last time I injured my thumb. I think I can repeat to do it this week. :D Well, can I check 'Sea and Sand' as soon as it'll be done?
  21. I send him yours and my songbooks with 5.1 tracks. I'll help him with transcriptions. Also, I can try to transcribe 'I've Had Enough' bass myself - it's not difficult bass part (except some Entwistle's tricks). I didn't listened to 'Bell Boy' bass part, but I think there's not too much difficult part too. @@Aludog - you're busy too much, I know, so you need to transcribe the most difficult bass parts - for 5:15 and Sea and Sand. And after you'll have them done you can start with others. Now we need in 5:15 and Sea and Sand.
  22. Good luck! Guys, I found another one man who promised to help us.
  23. Please, send me all of them. Do you have other Who's multitracks? If you do - send to me, please. That bass isolated track sounds better then one of 6 channels of the song.
  24. Are you talking about this one: this one?
  25. Yay! Don't worry, guy. It's actually made (for both guitars), but I still need in bass part which will be made by Aludog next week. Keep calm and wait for this one. It comes soon. ;)
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