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  1. Guys you rock !! The choise of songs is awesome !! :D
  2. Oh nooo i work the song "can't let you go" all the week with this solo of hell :( and I waited too long to post my score :( it's too late to record my score ? ;x
  3. Hello guys !! I have discovered Bloodhound gang and it's awesome thanks !!! PS : Be gentle again hahah :D
  4. Hello ! For time at the chamionship for me ^^ Be gentle !! Very good feeling with Apocalyptic !
  5. That's work !!!! Thanks a lot ! it's better to paly with dynamic difficulty ^^ Sorry for the flood !!
  6. Maybe .. i am not post on the good section ? :(
  7. I have the same problem on Layla of Eric Clapton ! The song for the championship :(
  8. Hello ! If somoene can take the time to make tthis song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaGz7rkPd54 Its my favorite of all final fantasy <3 If you do this song, YOU ARE MY HERO !!! PS : if it's possible to have a dynamic difficulty, you are my hero x2 !!!
  9. For information, i have looked others threads about Dynamic Difficulty. And the solution it's "go in riff repeater and change the difficulty" but for me that does not work ;( Because the difficulty is blocked to zero :(
  10. Hello Guys ! I have a question about dynamic difficulty on CDLC songs. Sometimes, when i play a CDLC, the dynamic diffilculty don't work while it's ok on the website ! For example i have downloaded The song "Final fantasy VII Boss Theme" of Nobuo Uematsu And i don't have dynamic difficulty Maybe i forget a simple option ! Sorry for the newbie question >< Here a screenshoot And thank you for the amazing stuff on CDLC songs !
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