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  1. I'm a PC user so cannot comment on how to fix this on a Mac. But if there is a numbers limit on Macs, then you may have to become more selective about how many CDLC files you're trying to load. Try cutting down your CDLC to half that number and see if it helps. I like having all my CDLC available for inspiration, but you my need to decide on a "top X" amount to keep in the DLC directory folder. You'd be able to keep your CDLC in a different folder and just migrate sets of files. If the CustomsForge song manager is available for Macs, you could akso use that to disable a bunch of songs, and then reenable as desired. Tip: I just used the tool to help organize my 1300 CDLCs, and I don't recommend trying to disable the songs you "win" in the game. It led to a lot of restoring backup files until I gave in and used a song list to remove the "offending" content from my view. Good luck.
  2. L.A. Refugee by Panic! At The Disco. Please! I'm sure it's simple and might even make it my own first Customs project; I'd just really love to have it in my CDLC library over play along on YT. Also "I'm Just a Girl" by No Doubt if I can ask a two-fer. Please allow me to take this moment to express my most sincere thanks to all who do this. I'm disabled and homebound but I'm using RS to learn bass - and I'm actually learning(!) and using parts of my brain that aren't hindered by the otherwise 'corrupted processing centers' of my cognitively disabled brain. I absolutely consider rocksmith as therapy, and my docs agree. So before I thank y'all, I need to thank Ubisoft and the whole Rocksmith team. But I absolutely do thank you *all*! I'd thank individuals too, like cozi and JamesPrestonUK (not linking, that's too much for me to handle at the moment, truly, and I know those names aren't quite correct. My apologies. My bad brain is bad at using email anymore.) My point is, you Customs folks have given me an amazing opportunity to just... feel good, feel like a human being by taking the time to convert songs we love into a visual cue system. I literally cannot read tabs or notation any more and this method is just precious to me. Using this system I've been able to reconnect with my family after nearly four years of being bedridden and checked out. Thank you again.
  3. Awesome work. It's so appreciated. Donations coming.
  4. Thank you kindly. I'll check it out and report back. If I can help document a solution for others, I'll have done my bit.
  5. I started RSR last night from Steam and I received a not-unusual message about RS already running; I applied the usual fix by starting the program directly. Program started. Except my profile was missing. Applied the usual fix by verifying local file integrity. One file was missing. Yay! Problem solved. Started RS. No profile. Turned to Google for help and surprisingly found this has happened before and no one knows why. I don't really care that I lost my hard-earned points - those are skills I get to keep, and now I can go back to some songs I simply left behind. But as a consumer, AARRGGHH! So, my questions are: Are any of you running RS directly and not through a game management interface? Because I'm thinking if this is a problem with Steam, then I'll figure out either how to play locally only, or even re-purchase as a physical copy. Most of the posts I saw on Google re: this topic were a few years old. Has this happened to anyone else recently? Anyone know of a fix to restore the profile? Thank you!
  6. Howdy. I'm new to bass, new to Rocksmith, and am having a blast using it. I just wanted to thank the content creators for this trove of educational and just amazingly fun music. I could go on but will just keep it at this: THANK YOU! You make life brighter with your efforts!
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