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  1. Don't think 7.1 surround sound is needed in Rocksmith. If AUX works, I'd go with that. Other than that, I haven't a clue why they won't work. Rocksmith is finicky sometimes about these things. Uncle
  2. Bonham - Wait for You Honeycombs - Have I the Right I could go on and on but I'd be happy with these two Thanks all Uncle
  3. Question(s). I'm building a new computer. It's main purpose is to be a Steam platform. I'm looking for advice on how to go about backing up my current RS2014 settings and then re-installing RS2014. I've got all my CDLC (couple hundred songs) already backed up to an external HDD. I'm worried about losing all my riff repeater and DD settings. Also not sure about the .dll thing and bug fixes. I'm behind the times in keeping RS2014 up-to-date so please forgive me. I've searched the forums and couldn't find any relevant info on doing this. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks Uncle Noob
  4. @@firekorn Thanks for the info. I understand more now. Chaps my hole that people won't at least include riff repeater. Just downloaded a song I've been waiting on for eons just to find out it has no DD and no RR. Thanks again Uncle
  5. Why don't all songs have DD? Isn't this a game of learning how to play song(s)? I say this assuming that there is no riff repeater unless you have DD. That's what I've discovered so far with all non DD songs I've played (they don't have riff repeater or only a setting of 0 or 100). Forgive me as I'm a noob Uncle
  6. I've been playing for a few years now with no outside instruction. Thought I was getting pretty good until I tried playing along and using an external VOX amp with a Zoom G3 for tones (some accurate some not). Ever heard cats make love in the night? That's about how it went. So many inconsistencies with DLC songs. In-game music hides a lot of mistakes even though you might hit the note accurately. You think you're doing good in-game and then when you play for real you find out differently. I need to take actual lessons. I hope by doing that I improve. My two cents :) Uncle
  7. Taken from unleashed2k post on remastered Q: I'm getting crashes when on the Learn A Song page of some CDLC? A: The remaster update changed how bonus and alternate arrangement are visible which also have a side effect of provoking random crashes when looking at songs that have too much (more than 5) arrangement in the Learn A Song area of the game. If you find such CDLC, alert the author of the problem and report the CDLC to us via the appropriate report button. Double checked and triple checked - no duplicates. Tried both versions of Tuff Enuff and neither work. Oh well, I'll just live with it. I've seen more posts concerning the arrangement issue so something is going on. I hope someone finds a solution cause it worked just fine before the remastered version came out. If I recall, Thanks, Uncle
  8. Not sure where to put this but Boys of Summer crashes due to, I guess, too many arrangements? Caused by the remastered version? And also Tuff Enuff by the Fab Thunderbirds locks up at the play screen when trying to play rhythm. Thanks, Uncle
  9. Any chance for these tones? Lead, rhythm, and bass. No CDLC yet but if I can get tones I'll work on it. Uncle
  10. Hello all, Did a forum search and found nothing on these items. I just purchased both and in the process of getting everything hooked up. I would like to know if anyone else is using this combination. I know I'm in for a headache(s) trying to figure out tones and getting them programmed into the G3 but I'm shooting for a better overall playing experience through my VOX AC15 amp. I found a guide on how to hook everything up but it differs a little from the p-split instruction manual. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I also need advice on how to figure out song tones. I've tried unpacking with the editor but I don't know what to do after that or if I'm even doing it correctly. So many things I want to do with this but don't have the patience and/or skill to do them. My next project is to do some custom DLC's, so everybody stay tuned for more beginner questions and etc. Thanks, Uncle >>>>>>ZoomG3>>>>>Vox AC15 ^ p.s my setup is.............Epiphone Les Paul Studio>>>>>p-split>>>>>computer
  11. I'm not here to criticise anyone or anything so don't get me wrong but I have found numerous problems in several CDLC's that I have downloaded here in the last several months. I'll partly take the blame because I don't always give feedback, but when I do it seems to go mostly goes unanswered (maybe 'cause of my junior status). I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a song and read all the thank you's and great job's done and so on, just to download the song and have issues mainly with tones and volumes. And yes, I've fiddled with the mixer in-game to no avail. There seems to be a large variation in peoples tone and song volumes from one CDLC to another, at least in all the songs I download. But I've also had all kinds of issues with my game that have been on my end. I'm happy that people take the time to do this, but yes some people need to do a better job with their CDLC. Uncle
  12. Found a good tutorial and pictorial over at the steam community for RS2104 by a fellow named Rogue203. That's about what I wanted to do but having to use my own tones is going to be challenging. Looks like I need a setup for each guitar when playing multi-player. It might get kind of expensive going this route. I might try it and see how it goes. Thanks for the help everyone. Uncle
  13. Not sure if this has been answered in another forum but I am wanting to have a setup where I can play my bass and electric guitar (single and multi-player) through an amplifier instead of through my home theater receiver speakers. So basically I want to hear instruments through an amp and hear the lyrics through the home theater speakers. Am I making sense? I figured I would need some type of mixer but not sure about the rest. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Uncle
  14. Thanks for the replies. If anybody would be so kind as to post their audio setups in-game and audio setups for Windows 7 I would really appreciate that. I was playing last night and noticed that all my tones seemed to be really low. A big change from when I was using on-board audio to now using my Asus Xonar PCI 5.1 card. Every time I tune the bass it tells me my volume is really low. I've got all my volume knobs turned up on the bass and tone knob is up as well. My in-game tone cable volume is 7.0dB. Under Windows 7 my recording level is set at 100 for the tone cable. Well, playing a few songs this morning didn't go well. The same song I played last night is now really low on tone and on another song everything went dead as in none of the notes being recognized. I unplugged the cable and plugged it back in and things started working. Both songs played but with weird tones. I'm thinking of re-installing the game. Every time I do a file integrity check there are several files that are bad. RS2014 is turning out be a real pain for buggyness compared to how bad RS2012 was. Thanks,
  15. I think I found a solution. It appears to be doing ok now after fiddling with the .ini file. I did find out that RS2014 doesn't play nice with Asus Xonar sound cards. I'm glad I only spent $30. Time will tell. Thanks everyone. Uncle
  16. Ok, Here's a long shot hope at finding a solution to my problem. For the last several months my audio in RS2014 has been slowly fading. What I am saying is that with no other changes in my computer or stereo receiver I have been constantly having to turn up the volume in order to hear while playing the game. This only occurred in RS2014. My computer games and movies and I-Tunes and all other audio is fine. I thought that maybe my onboard audio was having issues with RS2014 so I decided to get a dedicated sound card. That's where it went downhill. Audio is great in everything except RS2014. Now my problem is ear piercing noise/feedback/static during RS2014 startup and the in-game/menu sounds are distorted and are playing at what seems to be 1/3 speed. Really frustrating. I did a file verification for RS2014 and it found 17 corrupt files. I updated Steam and RS2014 but I still have the same issue. I wish I could record the sounds to show exactly what is going on. Anybody have a clue? I'm sure it could be anything, but it is only happening with RS2014. Windows 7 64 bit w/ Asus Xonar 5.1 PCI sound going to a 2 channel stereo receiver w/ an external equalizer Uncle
  17. Thank you for the replies gentlemen. I guess I just didn't search enough in the forums on the issue before I posted. I'll try to do better in the future. It's just really aggravating when you find that song you've always wanted to play and it turns out to be full of bugs. Patience young grasshopper! Uncle
  18. Hello everyone, Seems like every custom DLC that I download has no tone. Is it just me or is no one checking their tones? I'm kinda new to this but not completely. One out of the 10 songs I downloaded this evening has a tone. I will try playing with a pre-set tone in the options menu to see if that helps, but am I missing something here? I am playing the bass in case you're wondering. Thanks, Uncle
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