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  1. couldn't beat my Stand By Me Best but got close.....and used my fingers this time ;) i'll leave it there as i can see the deterioration due to the Guinness night night all
  2. In true Friday night tradition........ no improvement means no Guinness. I wasn't looking forward to this weeks encore as i thought i had achieved all i could with the Guns n Roses song but i had a go tonight 79% - 84% - 85% then this one, i'll take that, Cheers
  3. last scores for the week, struggled a bit this week, too hot to play guitar :blink: off to a local festival now, i'll never be able to play this unless i grow another 5 fingers -_-
  4. had a bit of time before the misses came home, Master Mode just because Zero beat my score :P just a quick go on SA ready to give up on this one, i'll end up showing the guitar through the bloody computer :angry:
  5. some updates and first(ish) goes more work needed better but still sounds pooh little + This was NOT my first attempt <_<
  6. nice new strings, nice easy start needs some work
  7. well some nice tunes this week, i much prefer the Cranberries version of Zombie though, i was lucky enough to see them live a few times and Dolores will be sadly missed. after extensive tuning re-tuning and tuning again i got this, only to realise it is not on this weeks playlist :( the Ben E King song i might have played before. this was always my Friday night after work chill out tune, glass of JD sit back and get into the groove, always seemed to help relax after a shitty day. looking at the amount of times i played it i have had a lot of shitty days :lol: i better re-string
  8. I almost forgot what fun the Bass is, haven't played it for a while,
  9. More Scores...... broke a bloody string so gave the bass a go
  10. last nights attempt, not bad but not as good as the last time hoping for the 90,S later and this
  11. Fresh back from Dubrovnik and Bosnia for a well earned break, so no guttering for a couple of weeks. With soft fingers and now aching hands i just managed a score, I should have done better but was punished for going to the 6th fret instead of 8th :(
  12. a couple of scores to start the week, not as good as last time....... but a start at least
  13. late again..... too too busy the first go really kicked my arse especially down the dusty end of the fret board........ a bit better but still just stabbing the fret board randomly at the end. only one go on the bass, wish i had time now i really wish had time........ i actually got to like this (mostly because i can nearly play it), if i had the whole week i'd be master moding this one night night all
  14. Improvement...... Ready for score attack ? Nope, not quite
  15. weekend....... at last some scores oops break the G string, change guitars........ oops broke the E string....... i'll be back after 2 x re-strings :angry:
  16. Hiya, it seems that my AC/DC Rhythm score has been missed ..... not gonna win any prizes but I was happy with it :-)
  17. hmmmmm i just noticed that it's Friday and we are only just starting page 3....... where is everyone ? I think we need a recruitment campaign.
  18. as is usual on a Friday night, no Guinness until i make Guitar score improvements........ nearly back to my best :P better than my best i think, :D massive improvement, getting the hang of it not got the time but better than my first appalling attempt. Its Guinness time :wub:
  19. and a quick couple of goes on the Lead.... this'll improve...... this might not ;) night night all
  20. just a couple of scores to get my hands warmed up........ as always with songs i like and think i can play i didn't stop until i got the 100%, which means i haven't got time to learn AC/DC tonight, but a quick go on the bass then i'll be able to concentrate, Oh Dear......... I better stop
  21. what a traumatic week, too much work, misses is really Ill and fruitless attempts at getting a Champions league ticket / Flight to Madrid....... not paying £1200 !!! anyway Score, and another go hope to get another couple of goes but it is freezing all the bloody time,
  22. more scores...... nice improvement.... i would have taken the 90% quick go on Agent man bass night night all
  23. I am getting an hours practice a night which is unheard of over the past 12 months, so with my added time comes better scores, I am getting quite good at the Agent Man Tune.......... So I wondered if i was good enough to try the Master Mode :huh: hmmmm seems i kinda am :P
  24. A couple of tries to start the week. I love Dexys but i just couldn't do the guitar part last time, and after 43 plays last time i only managed 88% but on a positive note i only managed 84% on bass, so i was a bit surprised to get this ...... Jonny Rivers demanded a bit of attention as it is a cool song with some nice chords, Iron Maiden is a little bit on the rapid side but i hope to improve given some time,
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