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  1. OK be gentle with me....... as i mentioned earlier my highest score was 67%, but the first go this time got me this, 10% up on my best after 1 play...... a few tries later, then, if i get 90% ill be as happy as a pig in shit :D
  2. Well it looks like I’ll get a good arse kicking in Adv Rhythm this week, my best score after many try’s is 67% ........ going to be a long week hahahaha
  3. and another improvement which i never thought id get.....
  4. I seem to be having trouble with the Adv Lead, which i really really concentrated on this week. i was getting better (a Lot Better) but my scores didn't get better for some reason. this was my 5th go on SA with a really good streak but the score remained on the 94% a little better but still not up to my 96% best run in LAS but felt so much better. this run felt even better which shows in the scores but there were a few others back down to the 94% things were feeling a bit strange so the next run i deliberately missed some notes and although the score was down from 1569011 to
  5. & Rhythm the first 4 plays of this i scored 94% was going to give up due to cramp then got a + worse streak but best score I Also tried the Metalica Bass but i think Rocksmith had a scratch because it just kept going on and on and on ......... :wacko:
  6. @@Rodman GRRRRRR a broken E string ,while on my best Iron Maiden run, has stopped the 6 string for now so i had a go on the basss I have no idea what happen here :huh: it got better and a score from yesterdays second attempt on Lead Iron Maiden that's it for me, off to the Football
  7. Hi Everyone, did anyone think that i would leave the Kings of Leon Master Mode score on 99.62% ? ;) & Did you really think i'd get so close without another try ? onto the Bass.... And of course the Brilliant Clash can't play it but i'll have another go later and of course Iron Maiden, some more to come i hope
  8. Week 243, only rhythm was played and it was graded as 4. :huh: You got 93.10 with streak of 119.Wow who who graded this as a 4 ...... Slash ?
  9. First goes of the week, big week for Grandad duties over, a week in Devon with the little Angels followed by 2 days in bloody Peppa Pig World :unsure: but back to my Epiphones :D K.O.L ...Oh Yes, seen these a few times and just love 'em Hmmmm missed a couple, i wondered if i could get a decent MM score, I seem better without the pretty colours coming atcha, Game On <_< Iron Maiden made me work a bit harder though not sure what i got last time though, night night all
  10. Nooooo! I’m away all week and you choose Oasis !! I didn’t know there was a live version of Supersonic but I’ve been playing the official version for ages, would have been another great MM week Hopefully I can get home to have a go on Saturday
  11. Well its great to see the Master Mode challenge has created some interest :D nice score @@MaZtoR & @@meelo & @@johnal had a little time tonight, got all excited and buggered the end up, I got a better score but of course you guys just had to get the 100% and, you know me i just couldn't leave it, :P
  12. P.S. my Eagles Lead Score flattered me, it sounded a lot worse than the score suggests :wacko:
  13. some scores, :P got my own score as @@Angelina27 unwilling to share nice streak i thought my poor old hands hurt now :( @@MaZtoR please beat my Elastica score ;)
  14. @@Angelina27 can I have your score please ;)
  15. some scores unusually for a Tuesday i got an hour of playing, and a little Metallica as i am always listening to them :rolleyes: i did get through with no X's but the score was shit so i'll suffer the embarrassment of the X's for the better score. if i only had more time .........
  16. @@Vodka missed you mate, how is the little one ?
  17. @@Rodman I think @@RdGkA has earnt the die hard badge
  18. Oh Yes, Elastica again, love it MM challenge anyone ? how about a little Elastica Rhythm MM i better start playing this weeks songs that i don't know :huh:
  19. I’m sure I got second in the Adv bass Nice of DropZone90 to step up and help the Orgs a big thumbs up
  20. and some more +'s just had to have another go getting there
  21. couple of improvements and a quick go on the bass, Miss Thunderbird don't like the drop D
  22. after a big wet weekend in wales, and a busy week i got a couple of scores previous best was 82 so I'm happy started on 89% but quickly got the hang of it.....might not worry the 99%ers but @@Rodman ....I'm on your tail :P
  23. no time this week this is my first and last post....apparently its more important to pack my cases for the weekend than play guitar, she's a bit weird went in without hearing without knowing and without having a bloody clue what to expect i wasn't looking forward to another Metallica song but this is a good one and i just wish i had time to get better at it........ might have beaten the @@MaZtor on master mode ......given time got my arse kicked big time this week
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