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  1. Great job! I like the video - look forward to playing it.
  2. Here's the link to the files you need - https://www.mediafire.com/folder/09nk555qd5lxd/Confortable_Numb Good luck!
  3. I'll agree to that but I wouldn't know how to do that! It would be great if you know how to it and I'll send you what files you require.
  4. Here's another one for you budding violinists! Good song for practicing bowing technique and also vibrato. download here - http://www.mediafire.com/download/m5l2glp7jocma1w/Pink-Floyd_Comfortable-Numb_v1_p.psarc
  5. Thanks very much for starting this project! I used to play violin at school and when I left school the 60s scene started and lots of people started playing guitar, so I stopped playing violin and began learning guitar. About ten years ago I had the urge to start playing violin again so went and bought an electric violin. Played for a few months and haven't touched it since When I saw your project it has encouraged me to start playing violin again. As I've posted several CDLCs for guitar and bass and watched your video about tuning etc. I think I'll be able to do some customs for violin. I've been working today on a violin part for Eleanor Rigby and I'm pleased with the results. Update - after playing this several times I decided to make this better by tweaking the chart. I've also done a playthrough video - download new version here - http://www.mediafire.com/download/rdr50mjrgb9c081/Beatles-The_Eleanor-Rigby_v1_p.psarc
  6. Had a look at your CDLC - Riverside - Celebrity Touch Good job man! I think you should release it now and see what feedback you get. The tone you used for guitar is good, no need to change it. The only thing I noticed that could be changed is swapping the lead & rhythm paths over as the main guitar solo you've got on the rhythm path. good luck.
  7. I transfer CDLC file from PC onto a usb stick and then put that stick into xbox.
  8. How did I figure out to shorten the file name and how did I know what to delete. I read somewhere about shortening file name and what to delete was trial and error.
  9. Which song are you converting to xbox file ? - as xbox is fussy on the naming of a file. For instance one of my cdlc - the psarc is named Alice-Cooper_Schools-Out-For-Summer_v1_p.psarc To make this work on xbox I had to shorten file name and cut out dashes like this- AliceCooper_SchoolsOut_v1_xbox
  10. You need to have your Xbox 360 installed with a special chip. It is called Reset Glitch Hack - some shops that repair consoles will do this for about 60 pounds. I was lucky because there's a shop near me that done mine ( Norwich,England ) There's other places in UK - London, Manchester, Bolton that does this mod. Word of warning! - if you have this mod done and go online you'll be be baned.
  11. Try some of my CDLC's - B.B.King - Rock Me Baby, Think It Over, Watch Yourself. Jimi Hendrix - Born Under A Bad Sign. John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom. These are all 12 bar blues songs. Good luck, have fun!
  12. You normally use Part Real_Bass for bass, Part Real_Guitar for lead and Part Real_Guitar_22 for rhythm. I know it's a bit of a nightmare when you first start charting, but stick with it and it will all fall into place eventually. Good luck!
  13. As Tull67 said renaming the PC PSARC fIle to a shorter filename does the trick and also cut out the dashes. For instance one of my Customs the PC file is ( Marvin-Gaye_I-Heard-It-Through-The-Grapevine_v1_p ) The XBox file I rename like this :- MarvinGaye_TheGrapevine_v1_xbox
  14. Played the guitar OGG file in Audacity and the audio is clipping badly. Maybe not the reason for crashes but I strongly recommend lowering the recording levels when copying song.
  15. You'll need to mod XBox with RGH chip. If you do this you wont be able to go online after mod because you'll get banned! You then copy the XBox file generated from the toolkit onto a usb stick and put that usb stick into XBox and put that file into Rocksmith game folder.
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