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  1. OFF-TOPIC where is the Video section in the forum?
  2. Ok with the latest version it works perfectly now, thanks
  3. This doesn't work, only the rocksmith icon flashes indefinitely when the game starts
  4. Hi everyone somebody could make one or more Full Album any of NIRVANA, it would be too good for me and I also think for others!! thank you all
  5. Hi, I'm happy to have won a championship for the first time, I'm excited! But I wanted to understand one thing, what does "and levels up to Masterclass Rhythm if he accepts this promotion!" Mean? That I have to reach 100% score on the same song to get to the next level?
  6. Hi, my request is a cdlc of the "full album" of Nirvana - Nevermind, Bleach, In utero or Incesticide, it would be very welcome, thank you!
  7. no one can give me some suggestions or what to do to make it work again?
  8. everything is activated, and in fact time ago I had just solved as written some post back, and now it does not work anymore
  9. Here I am again here the problem is back after formatting the pc now the no cable patch does not work anymore, not even with the methods with which I had solved. The cable is detected by Windows as a microphone and working but not in the game. I tried everthing. Do you have any suggestions? :(
  10. Problem solved thanks to a user here https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1875754-Rocksmith-don-t-recognize-real-tone-cable-in-Windows-10-1803-Spring-update Now everything works as before ... B)
  11. My generic cable has always worked only with the patch no cable, I've never been able to configure it as a microphone, but I think it does not work with the electric. However @missis sumner , I wait for your setup
  12. After the last update of the game from Steam, the NoCable patch it does not work anymore, and I noticed that when I start the patch executable, it starts directly from the original game, so that's no longer detected. Is there a way to update the patch? Unfortunately, my original old real tone cable burned a long time ago :(
  13. Now my rocksmith cable (not original) not work anymore, I always used this patch before and it always worked https://github.com/Maxx53/NoCableLauncher canI solve it?
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