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  1. I downloaded a CDLC and when I play it there is a built in tone that makes my bass sound like a fuzzy distorted mess. How do I get rid of the tone? Turn it off? Make it go away forever? Using Rocksmith remastered on a MAC running Catalina 10.15.3. Thanks
  2. So here's my results for installing Rocksmith Tools... Catalina 10.15.3 yes I have not updated to .4 Downloaded the 6 gig file To get the program to install, I followed the instructions from post number 2 on page 1 of this thread, I did STEP #1 - DISABLE GATEKEEPER. Then I had to do STEP #2 - DISABLE SYSTEM INTEGRITY PROTECTION (SIP). After STEP #2 I did the installation. I reset the SIP and tried to run the Tools. IT DID NOT WORK. I had to repeat STEP #2 to run the tools. I was able to convert a PC .psarc to MAC .psarc. The only way to use the Tool is to disable the SIP. After using the tool I reset the SIP back to 'enable' Now my next two problems... 1) The tool would not create a .txt bass tab file. It looked like it wanted to create a bass tab, but it didn't do anything. It would create a new directory for the file, but no file. 2) The song I converted "Pink-Floyd_Another-Brick-In-The-Wall-Parts-I-III_v1_DD_p.psarc" into "Pink-Floyd_Another-Brick-In-The-Wall-Parts-I-III_v1_DD_m.psarc" only plays the first minute or two then ends, as if I've reached the end of the song. The song is 10 minutes long. Trying to select any part of the song after the first minute or two using Riff Repeater causes Rocksmith to crash. I've tried a few things to work around this, but no luck. I guess that's a problem for another thread.
  3. Hi all. I hope everyone is well during these troubling times. I was wondering if anyone would be able to do a mac version m.psarc CDLC for the bass line to KANSAS - SONG FOR AMERICA? I know it's a long song, but I really love it and it would be great to play the bass line for it. I tried to make a cdlc myself but I don't have the skill or knowledge to do it. I read all the tutorials, found all the programs, but I had a lot of problems with my MAC Catalina OS, then running Parallels software with Windows, all the different versions of guitar pro and wwise and... well you know how it goes. I did find a guitar pro file for the lead guitar part using the 4 minute edit of the song, but no bass line. I found a pdf tab sheet for the bass and tried to make a bass line in guitar pro but I just don't know what I'm doing. Both files were at ultimate-guitar.com. If anyone is living with the stay-at-home order and is looking for a project, is there anything you can do to help? I can offer some of my wife's chocolate chip cookies if I thought I could ship them to you safely. Help me Obi-Wa Kenobi, you're my only hope. Stay safe. Thanks...
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