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  1. I found the problem. I was running it in a virtual machine with Virtualbox. I switched over to a dedicated Win 10 and it runs. Sorry!
  2. I installed the latest version and hotfix on Windows 10. It crashes every time I run it. This is my first time running EoF so I have nothing to compare to. Here is the log output: 757: Logging started during program initialization at 07/16/16 23:29:13 757: EOF v1.8RC11 (7-2-2016) 757: eof_load_config() entered 757: set_default_config() entered 757: eof_controller_read_button_names() entered 757: eof_controller_read_button_names() entered 757: Importing chord shape definitions 757: eof_load_chord_shape_definitions() entered 757: eof_set_display_mode() entered 757: eof_window_create() entered
  3. Four electrics guitars (two for E, one for C#/C, one for B/A#), two electrics basses (one for C#, one five string for B/E), and three acoustics.
  4. But why is it bad for the guitar? It isn’t. That’s just internet bullshit. Plenty of people play guitars in low tunings without trouble. I'm most likely going to buy another guitar for this so I can have one with regular strings and the other with heavy gauge. That’s a good idea. When you buy it take it to a guitar tech and have the nut replaced with a new nut cut for the heavy strings. Save the original in case you need it later. Example if I keep it in c standard can I tune it up to D standard or even drop d? If you set up the guitar for C standard you’ll be able to play comforta
  5. How did you lose your DLC on PSN? I stopped using a Playstation and realized I can never use the DLC anywhere else. My fault, but it’s still a PITA. Especially because UBI never patched the bugs that caused the game to crash as a result of playing DLC.
  6. Don’t care. Got screwed with the loss of my DLC on the PSN. From now on I stick with Steam.
  7. Recent Epi LP standards and better are better guitars than anything in Gibson’s low-end lineup. Studio series Gibsons and below are only worth buying if you can score a steep discount.
  8. You will only get those high notes to sustain if you play so loud that feedback from the amps makes the strings keep vibrating. There’s just not enough energy in the vibration of a short thin but of wire to keep going on its own.
  9. That depends. Are you also going to buy matching amps and mics and multitrack yourself the way he does? In other words, don’t bother chasing tones you hear on albums. You aren’t going to get them unless you’re also a studio engineer.
  10. I don’t sit. I’ve found that standing helps keep playing from aggravating my carpal tunnel problems. It also makes it easier to hit high notes. For those of you who do need to sit, I recommend buying an adjustable-height drafting chair from an art supply store. They’re tall, comfortable, have a footrest, and there are no armrests to get in the way. They also pair well with standing desks if you use one of those for your computer.
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