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  1. Why was the Auto generate ddc option removed? Was such an useful feature and now it's not really working to remove ddc to troubleshoot with the options that's left in the current version.
  2. So i'm working on a chart that has 4 paths. Lead, alt lead, rhythm and bass. Lead and bass works fine but the alt lead and rhythm doesn't, they are missing like 80% of their notes. https://imgur.com/a/tpP12mj Now, the first test build i made all the paths showed all their notes. But non after that first one worked on all the paths. Never encountered this issue before so i'm clueless on this. I have the latest version of eof and the tool kit. Here is a link to the eof folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lksu6bitdqynn6u/AAD_XfY4KPK6nbdvbi7pWJU0a?dl=0 Edit: I managed to fix it by just remaking the chart again from scratch.
  3. Here is Breaking Point, i don't have his other ones. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yktpqj4d93hugdn/Parkway-Drive_Breaking-Point_v2_p.psarc?dl=0
  4. That's weird, never had an account there and never had any issues. Adding a link to demonstrate. https://gyazo.com/59b7c34424cbd7c47d1b46c6cf8a2cee
  5. You can download from songsterr without an account by just clicking on the authors name below "Submit New Revision" and then clicking history on the specific song.
  6. http://sheethappenspublishing.com/ is a good one that sells tab books. Both printed and digital, digital version comes in guitar pro and pdf. Their oldest digital books come only in pdf format, though i know they are working on updating them to include guitar pro files. Should mention that they mainly just tab guitars but they also tab the bass too sometimes.
  7. I wouldn't remove it. The delay part will sound good when you play it at full speed, you can't really do anything with the tones when the song is slowed down in riff repeater. They can always switch to their own tones when they are practicing in riff repeater if it sounds annoying that the delay doesn't match anymore.
  8. Polaris are pretty good and they have official tabs out for their EP, they are on my to do list :D
  9. Well i'll be damned, it did work. I definitely will keep this in mind going forward, thank you :)
  10. Here is a link to the whole eof project folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c05o7s1tj3893r0/AAD2JiecZOZByuJSuxI3LCJaa?dl=0
  11. Okay so, i'm working on a cdlc which has 3 tone switches. One clean tone, one clean tone with delay and a distortion. Now for some reason, when the clean w/ delay switches to the non delay clean tone, the delay is still there. Also tried with a different clean tone that has a different cabinet and the switch happened but the cabinet stayed the same. With the switch to the distortion tone, this doesn't occur, no problems there. Both the clean tones have different names and even when i go to tone designer and load up "Authentic Tone" both of the tones show up and sound just like they should. One that has the delay and the other that doesn't. I have tried deleting all the tones and re adding them with new names, tweaked the tones themselves a bit. But i still can't get it to work and i'm unable to see the cause of the problem.
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