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  1. Electronic - Get The Messagehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7sVSSb2mU4
  2. Just finished listening to Fish out of Water (for the nth time). Such sad news. I would love to play anything off that album I bought when it came out when I was 15.
  3. At last I got one to work!! Like you said it's down to the tab for a noob like me. I tried about four songs before I got one to line up properly. It's a bit rough around the edges (wasn't sure about where to get a tone from and I couldn't really hear the bass guitar) but it worked first time in the game :) Thanks for your help and thanks to Customforge for all the tutorials and tips here. It was only bass and I've yet to do a guitar track so that's probably next...
  4. Thanks very much it makes more sense now! I'd got a bit further but I'll start again and do it properly. I'll be in a better mood when the wife comes in from work now :)
  5. Ok thanks for that! I can see how you can fix tabs in EOF but I'm still not sure about the beat map - is it the BPM/Time signature and or something else? I have searched about/watched some videos but I'm more confused than daunted :)
  6. Hi, Utter musical noob here, I found a GP3 tab for a mainly bass song I want to try and do. I loaded it in TuxGuitar and it plays through fine. I saved a copy as GP5... I bought Go Playalong and loaded in the GP5 and the mp3 for the song (Dune Tune by Level 42). After much synching it's about 80% done but there seems to be a few extra sections/bars? I noticed there's a few repeating sections in the tab i.e. play this bit 10 times etc but I did notice in TuxGuitar it says 10x and in Go PlayAlong 11x? I've always wanted to do one of these and I have the week off for some R&R so here's an ideal chance :) Cheers
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