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  1. This is a great track, although I do agree with Azrael, the vocals need a bit of a boost. Otherwise its great! A really interesting track, Ill be on the lookout for it when its released
  2. Here is the finished thing! http://i.imgur.com/lZXlW3n.jpg
  3. Can I please get the tabs to Demo 3?! That sounds so chill I love it
  4. When my new pickup arrives I'll dive straight into this :D
  5. I just ordered VIP tickets for Devin Townsends Casualties of Cool gig in London. I'll be meeting Devy in 3 months! :D
  6. Thats true! :D And Ive ordered myself some string trees
  7. Thanks for the advice, the pickup should arrive by the end of this week/next week, so Ill order some string trees before then. As much as I love free stuff I like the unfinished look it has. For me decals and paint would make it looks worse (just my taste!)
  8. All together, plus an EMG 81, maybe £350? I havent really added it all together but around the $300-350 mark. And Seeing as its my first build this is my new main guitar, plus I want something to brag about at University ;D I was thinking about string trees, might invest into some in the near future. And thanks! Im really proud of it, finally got some strings today. Just waiting on a return for the pickup
  9. Yeah, if you could post pictures of it that would be ideal, theres probably a cheap way to fix it
  10. Im glad you like it, the 'something special' is the fact that I made it myself. Unfortunately the pickup was faulty and I've had to send it back
  11. http://i.imgur.com/D6bBq0s.jpg There's something special about it...!
  12. If the neck pocket is still in shape you can buy pre-made necks pretty cheap, just bolt on a new one
  13. Nevermind, fixed it. For those who need to know go to Song > Track > PART_REAL_GUITAR
  14. Like it says in the title, I asked this back on SA and I forgot how to change it. I read this http://customsforge.com/topic/841-how-to-make-cdlc-full-in-depth-tut-completed/ but it is still the same
  15. I just bought some TUSQ picks, I have to say they really are very good, I can really tell the difference on my acoustic
  16. Im going to Sonisphere at Knebworth so: Metallica Mastodon Gojira Devin Townsend Dream Theater Alice in Chains :D
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