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  1. Hey, everyone, this article works just fine, it was my mistake. i reinstall rocksmith and everrrything just great)
  2. Is there a solution for mac except this "download patch| stuff? cause it doesnt work
  3. guuys, what's up with not launching cdlc in rocksmith? pass trough tuning, but then it just don't launch PLEASE
  4. well, i did everything exactly as it says above, no cdlc. damm i need a mirracle
  5. hello, guys! who knows why toolkit app not staring at all (with error message) or disappears after launching from dock menu? Mono installed correctly.
  6. Possibly a version that's not working? I think the last stable Mac release was April 2014... but I may be wrong. Better to ask here: http://customsforge.com/forum/56-rocksmith-custom-tool-kit/ checked april version, they don't launch at all(((
  7. Hello, since there is a lot of conversation and almost impossible to find an answer, why rstoolkit launching and disappearing from dock in second?
  8. Hello, guys! I dont know if it's a common problem or just me – i can't install damm mono framework to convert track from pc version to mac, on which i am playing rocksmith. So if there is anyone with mac can help me – i need few specific tracks, or if possible – any suggestions how to install mono. please!
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