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  1. Happy Birthday entgineer!

  2. Happy Birthday entgineer!

  3. I've always loved the song Rooster, a while ago I tried a cdlc that was just awful... this one is quite nice :) I cant help but think of He-Man when ever I hear this song
  4. I always seemed to miss some when playing the g#m/c and it sounded pretty terrible almost like nails on a chalkboard haha. My strings feel and sound ancient witch did not help at all, needs to get some new xls. I'm not big on qotsa but ill probably shift my focus to that song so these old 10s can have some voice in estd
  5. Managed to squeeze a little more out of it, was aiming for 99%+ but I always seemed to misplay some notes I thought I had mastered. I really like this concept of a weekly competition, as it promotes practice and lets you know where you are as a guitarist. Seeing some of the Metallica scores with a low play count you guys hit was pretty inspiring. Have a good weekend everyone, see y'all next week
  6. Future Retro has proven to be far more fun to play than my first impression led me to believe. I've never touched Megadeth because I just figured it was out of my playing skill but it isn't to shabby! Watch out Dave
  7. Can confirm I have been alt-tabing and increasing for far too long, thanks for this question.
  8. Hi everyone, first time posting but I would love to join yall on a weekly basis. Ill come in as an intermediate if that is ok
  9. I just restored default settings and all cdlc I was missing after the patch is now visible. Thank you so much!!
  10. It seems that certain cdlc isnt showing when others are, I suspected the application Id however after changing all with the toolkit I obtained the same results. I'm not sure what the relationship is or why certain songs disappear. I do know I can no longer play any Tool cdlc nor my favorite Gilmore's greatest. Changing the application Id, isolating cdlc, playing offline, reinstalling rs, and re downloading new files for the same songs did not resolve it. Perhaps Ubi is taking steps towards preventing certain artists??? all files remained in the dlc folder, I have the new dll. The 100% bug is less frustrating than losing part of your library imo.
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