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  1. Lead 1. Black (PJ) 26 times 2. No Rain (Blind Melon) 18 times 3. Long Road to Ruin ( Foo) 18 time 4. Alive (PJ) 16 times Rythmn 1. Black 10 times
  2. No one posting on here ? They said there's a twitch tv reveal at 6pm et tonight, where they will be giving out lotsa info about this Rocksmith Remastered coming out in October I believe.
  3. The Headstones 'Tweeter and the Monkey Man", "unsound"," cubically contained", "its all over", "settle", "blond and blue"... They are excellent live, but they've only got 1 song posted on cforge. Good grinding rock n roll !
  4. Hey man.... I was looking for easy songs too. I know Pearl jam 'Black' rythmn section only has 4 chords, that's really easy. It's a rocksmith song though, not CDLC
  5. Okay cool. So if it has DD built into the song , it will give an easier version on easy , I guess. Just wondering cause I haven't done much score attack on ps3, but I wanted to start trying some for my cdlc songs, on pc, that Rocksmith doesn't have.
  6. Stupid question time. Does score attack work for CDLC ? Does it break all songs into different score attack levels easy medium hard, etc... or does it only do that with cdlc that have DD or does cdlc not work with score attack at all. I know all I have to do is try it out, but I'm an older guy and I'm worried my computer's gonna freeze ,, or worse, EXPLODE in my lap, if score attack doesn't work. thx for any replies.
  7. 100% accuracy on "Lonely Boy", black keyes, bass, SUPER EASY SONG, constant open string or 3, 5 low E. Not bragging, was shocked it was that easy. I'm still chasing pearl jam Black on rythmn cause it's only 4 chords, but I keep cracking towards the end. Too much pressure. Lead is stil outta my league on all songs, although I do have some in the 90's
  8. Ozzy , The Cars, Phil Collins, Pearl Jam (4 times), Def Leppard, Alice in Chains (new version, no Layne), Lynard Skynard, Kiss, Nickelback , April Wine, Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Our Lady Peace, A Perfect Circle, Sum 41, Finger Eleven , I mother Earth, Van Halen, Yes, Rolling Stones (twice), Tragically Hip, Keith Urban (the ex liked country), Brooks and Dunn
  9. BIGG thankyou to everyone creating these. Just when I think Rocksmith is totally awesome, u guys just make it awesomeererer. I bought the ps3 in August while laid off. I've literally never enjoyed anything as much as this game, and I'm 47 years old. Then I read about CDLC, and for months I thought, do I really want to shell out for a PC version too ? I was an idiot, I bought it on dec 23rd and have been downloading every night since. After spending day after day searching for my favorite artists, I finally decided tonight to sort the list alphabetically , and go page by page so I don't miss anything I might like. I'm on page 222 of 714 and now going to bed. I thank you guys tons, this is literally the best hobby ever. I went from never having picked up a guitar or bass, to getting 80-100% on bass everytime I play a new sng for the 1st time. Guitar still needs work, and I haven't even really touched the 'rythmn 'section,yet. I know I will have years of fun with this. thank you all!! and happy new years !!!
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