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  1. Amazing group and amazing work. I wanted to join as a Guest but it seems that the link is not good. Anyway I'll stiil try to follow you :) In this classic song list there is an epic one missing: The final cut (for the album with the same name from one of the most epic bands in the world)
  2. Hi there...When smth like this happens it is best to post also the cdlc that you have experienced problems with. Than you can see whether it is a general problem or it is just your system. Try at first the songs with huge amount of downloads >1000, as they definitely work Cheers mate and enjoy your guitar
  3. @@albatross213 only lists Progressive Metal in this thread, hence the title. Most bands you mentioned are in the Progressive Rock thread. Well, good point on that.
  4. Well, unfortunately, I was not able to do any song for the community but during the Easter holidays I hope that i can find the time to learn and do at least one. I'm happy to see that there is a page for progressive metal. I would have some suggestions for inclusion, in case people agree with my opinion. I did not see here Pink Floyd which, together with Dream Theater I would call no 1 as progressive bands, even if the styles are totally different. Then, we have Blind Guardian, Camel, Yes just to name a few. And many thanks for creating this page :) Cheers
  5. @@cozy1 thank you very much. Actually, I did read all the tutorials and I did my own version of the inverted strings fret notes, where, with the help of a good friend of mine which showed me how to work with Photoshop I added the notes on every fret (including the half tones). I will send it to you and in case you consider that it is good for others you can post it. Thanks again (by the way the tutorials were good as I was able to do my own inlay) Cheers mate Update: @@cozy1 I've sent you an email (took the address from the tutorials - the page with the inlays) with the files I've modified.
  6. Got a question for you Cozy: I downloaded your toolkit, used the 24 frets inlay (the one with the notes) and I was able to load everything. Now, my problem is that I use mirror settings in the display of the strings, so my low E is at the bottom. I searched among the available custom inlays but I couldn't find anything which might fit. I there a way to just flip everything around (tried the vertical flip but it doesn't work )... I haven't seen an answer yet for this, sorry if I missed it. If there is not an inlay, I should get the psd file switch the notes and this is it? Thanks
  7. Thank you. Well, it added a few points on the JP. Actually, that was also my no. 1 choice, but as I am a beginner and too old to play more than for myself, I asked some opinions and that's how I got to the Godin. All the reviews I read about the Sterling were pretty good but I wanted to hear "untainted" opinions here, as sometimes shops do tend to boost some reviews a little bit. So I guess I have to figure out how to get one here in Romania. I mean, how to get it at a decent price, cause there is one store which imports any guitar, but as there is not a big market for these models they will try to get a big profit on this. And even better, maybe I'll be able to get my hands on one JP before actually buying one to see how it feels, as Peter said. Thank all for your valuable infos :)
  8. Yeap, but here in Romania is harder to get your hands on such guitars....there are some shops which can bring the on pre-orders but most of the time you can find only several models. But I'll try to ask around and see if I can get my hands on either of them and see how they feel. Currently I'm having a Fender Strat (made in Mexico) which is really ok, but I wnat one more, with 24 frets and of course as close as possible to the JP models :)
  9. Hello everyone I have decided to buy me a new guitar. As I fell in love with Dream Theater and John Petrucci's style I thought about a Music Man JP Signature guitar, but my current income doesn't allow me to go near that. The alternative would be the Sterling by Music Man (one of the signature models) JP60-PRB or the JP100-PRB. The reviews I found were all amazing, but I met a guy which makes a living out of playing guitar and he suggested that instead of getting an Indonesia made guitar I should get a custom made Godin with 24 frets which are made in Canada and I could get it for around 500 Eur. (The listing prices are higher but he said that he can help me with that). So what do you guys think? A signature model from Sterling or a custom hand made Godin? I could go with my budget close to 900 Eur. Thank you for all your thoughts Calin
  10. Well, Definitely Dream Theater - Octavarium, as it must be something very profound, full, expressive, emotional and so on. (Don't judge me this is how I feel, not that other music does not have the same qualities, but for me they touch my soul) BUT I would not listen to it, I would play it (the lousy way I can) stepping one last time into that ocean of sound, becoming for the last time one with my guitar. As afterwards, I would like to have my ash spread from the top of a mountain, by my dearest friends to whom I will always be grateful that were always by my side when I needed help. At that moment I would choose to enjoy the sound of nature.
  11. Speedy recovery man, take good care of your hand.
  12. Thank you very much ASMO. What you've created here with your friends is something unique in the world and I hope that part of your heart will stay here with the community and in your free time you'll come by and download a few dlcs and enjoy them :) Good luck in the new chapter of your life. Cheers
  13. Sorry I was out of town for a few days...On my strat I have two single coils and a humbuck but aside from the slightly different tones, which might be do to their position I don't see a difference between them. I'm trying to use now the tones from Octavarium which, most of the time are excellent for this song. One possible dumb question, as I never attempted to do a custom (lack of time and skill) but could I change the tones on a cdlc or not?
  14. Well, about that I checked that again, and I think that this was reported only because I was going in and out of the game with other programs opened, as I checked in several times since and it stays at 44.1 kHz (I'll try to set it to the maximum, 48 kHz to see whether there is a difference)
  15. Well guys, about the tones....I talked to Nacho and I do believe him when he says that for his hardware setup the tones are right as he is one of the guys who is doing great CDLCs. And everytime I feel that something besides me makes a song sound bad I always write a feedback. But for example, for the Gary Moore song there was a huge improvement following the calibration. So there is something about that, even though it doesn't solve everything. Still, I wonder could it have a better impact in case you are doing it with the tone which sounds bad on your setup? Or just doing it periodically? What firekorn says is also right, with or without calibration there are a big bunch of tones which work perfectly...both from the official and custom DLCS. But as there are maybe an almost infinite number of hardware setups PC-soundcard-guitar....nothing can work out perfectly for everyone Thanks, both of you :)
  16. Plum, you were right. It's all about calibration. It didn't run perfectly but there is a major improvement. Major with a capital M. One more question: for the calibration to work with the tones which sound awkward is better to load the tone and do the calibration with it? Or just calibrate let's say every time one starts the game? Thanks again as you saved my day and many songs which were sounding bad :)
  17. Thanks Plum, indeed, this is something that I did not try. I'm calibrating my guitar very seldom, only when I change something in the setting or I retune my guitar. I'll try that and see what happens.
  18. Yes, this might be the problem indeed. I have tried to load the authentic tones and adjust a little bit the settings and the sound is much better now. All I have to do is to switch to the new tone which fits my guitar better and use it instead of the defined one. Thank you for taking time to look into this
  19. Well, I did, not is on 44.1 kHz but is all the same. the sound is very sharp in some songs. This is what confuses me, because for other songs, like Octavarium, I have absolutely no problem at all and the song plays wonderfully from start to end
  20. the problem here is that when I'm not in the game, the real tone cable is set to 1 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz and changes when I enter the game.
  21. Hi guys, I have a question for all of you. I was studying a song made by Nacho (who is one of the best CDLC creators), namely "The best of times" from Dream Theater. I wrote to him back that on the solos the tones are not the best as I get strange noises out of the guitar, but he told me that for him everyhting is right and nobody else said anything. So I thought that this might have something to do with my audio setup. I have the same problem with other CDLCs like the ones from Gary Moore which for me sound so awful that I cannot play them. Just remembered another one: Brian Adams - All for love (here one of the tone is set so high that sounds are really distorted). My setup. Hardware: CPU I7, RAM: 32 GB, Audio: ASUS Audigy XONAR D2 6 channels, sample rate: 192 kHz, Analog out: 5.1 speakers (Video - maybe irrelevant: Nvidia Quadro FX6000 - I don't play anything else but RS on the computer) Audio volume: around 60% in Windows, 40-50% on the speakers (it's pretty loud :P ) Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (made in Mexico) Cable: the real tone cable All software is licensed, no cracks or anything like that Game configuration: Mixer: all volume levels 100 Audio settings: Audio engine 2 Exclusivity On Real cable gain: -1.2 db Video settings: let everything the way the game set it up Play settings: irrelevant In windows: the cable is acting as a microphone: volume level 17 and the format is 1 channel 16 bit, 11025 Hz (Dictation Quality) both options in Exclusive mode are checked. I have a spare real tone cable and everything is the same so the cable is not the issue. So, is there something wrong with my setup? Should I change anything? Should I configure something differently? Thanks a lot and really looking forward for your feedback as I feel that with your help I might just improve my RS experience and play some songs which currently might seem to be wrong for me but correct for the others. One last comment to this post: there are also many songs where everything seems to be in the right order. Cheers, Calin
  22. jajaja just found a hidden treasure here :)
  23. Well said. And its this song that drove me to pick up the guitar. Somehow this solo speaks to me in a way that other bands were not able to. It has soul and grabs my inner musician. With RS an the Great Custom Makers we have here I am able to play about 75 percent of this after a year and I practice about two hours a day. Also Marooned! Gettin better at that one. I would like to play like this 15 year old gitl. http://viral.buzz/video-pink-floyds-comfortably-numb-performed-by-15-year-old-french-guitarist/ Seriously watch it and you will cry. Well, Indeed, the show that little girl is giving is really touching...if I could play like her one day, I'd be overcoming my best dreams as a guitar player. She is really something. She really has an amazing speed...which I don't. Regarding the solo, she's playing it on some other tab compared to what we have here (not that she's not playing well) but there are years of hard practice behind those hands. I really envy those people which can make a living out of such a passion...me I just get a drop of peacefulness and sanity in a rather insane and grey day by day living I'm experiencing now. But, videos like that demonstrate that you are the one setting the limits... Thank you for that video :)
  24. Yeah I also support all the users above, in their opinions. In order to improve you need to practice, you need to bleed on the guitar strings. Most people which you see in bands playing in an amazing style have their "job" in playing (guitar or other instruments). So this means an average daily efforts of 8 to 10 hours per day for this. For them this is not a hobby, is a job. For most of them this "job" blends with the passion for music and they are happy doing what they love most. But behind all those perfect performances are long hours of practice, joy, sometimes frustration and the will to continue, as not always things just evolve the way you want. Rocksmith is just a tool, which attached to your guitar allows you to play with much more than an amplifier, an almost perfect tool for most of us who cannot afford spending too much time practicing and it allows you to practice in a more "competitive" and "stimulating" environment. Just an example: try to practice a hard song without the band besides you...when things are not working you could just abandon it....but with the band besides you, some portions are frustrating but others are good and day by day you see improvements. In my opinion, the fact that you are playing with the band pushes you forward. I can study an average of 1 hour per day...but I really see improvements every week, I can see that sometimes I adopt hand poses which are comfortable for me, in the easier songs I can even add one or two personal touches... I would also love to play 100% Octavarium....I won't....but here I can play it at my level and enjoy it. For me, the ultimate goal, is to be able until next autumn to play the solos in Comfortably Numb...I'll see whether I can make my dream come true...But in the end it's up to me not up to Rocksmith. Ok...I clearly went too far with my babbling so, I'll stop. Practice and you'll see progress
  25. Well, as TomSawyer2112 said, I was born too early and started playing too late. I'm 34 now (close to 35) and I have aprox. 1 year since I start playing regularly (each day for 1 hour when I'm not out of town) but I see that age is slowing a lot my progress. As to how I do it? I try to play the song as it is. If it has DD I run it several times (usually with very high accuracy at the beginning) and than if the complexity allows it I take it up to 100%, block it there and train on harder section in RR with speed from 50 and up. Sometimes I saw that depending on the pace, it comes easier, or natural, to play at 80%, 90% rather than at 60%. Depending on the complexity I either go with the usual 10% step or I lower it. But I agree with the fact that the jump from 90% to 100% is huge (for me at least). I saw amazing progress in my guitar play, but also limitations, and there are songs (Dream Theater, Rhapsody of Fire) which I almost cannot touch, and I have doubts that I'll ever be able to play them properly (around 90%). But, any progress is better than no progress and as far as I enjoy playing along my favorite bands I can live up with less than 100%. My only regret is that I haven't had the chance of starting to play earlier. Best regards to everyone Calin
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