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  1. Copy and paste in guitar pro (or in EOF if you import in a different track temporarily).
  2. @@rsjs You only need to buy the Import Tool (on RS2014 steam page), that's for the 52 songs in RS1. All RS1 DLC can be bought directly and played in RS2014 without any additionnal purchase.
  3. @@Karmeleaux It's not a perfect rule but better than relying on the download number :)
  4. We have the installer available for the 2013 version : http://ignition.customsforge.com/cfsm/wwise
  5. Even on the guitar side, it's just not great... I've only tried it back when it was released almost like a year ago i think, but it's just not interactive, the information and tab are debattable at best, the video are nice but it's not much to find it enticing enough to pay monthly for it.
  6. @@zeninguem45 One thing that any creator i'm aware of complains about is the lack of feedback on their work. A few of us already put in a lot of effort towards CDLC to some extent that are getting quite close to official content but seeing the lack of downloads and feedback makes it hard to find it even more enticing to push things even further and the fact chart with low effort will get the same amount of recognition just doesn't help things either. It's up to the users to set the standard they want to see, if you see something you don't like, be vocal about it! Otherwise, things will surely not change. I'm always sad when i see people suggest to simply replace stuff yourself when i know i'm more than ready to have feedback and update my work as needed to please as many users as possible. It's up to the users to make themself heard and actually take a stand for quality chart at this point to have an impact.
  7. The CFSM is a separate tool : http://cfmanager.com/
  8. It's odd cause that song should already have DD. I have no top 3 to offer simply because i don't play CDLC beside mine or Bwaredapenguin.
  9. You can use CFSM to add DD (and do other needed repair on old CDLC) easily. http://ignition.customsforge.com/cfsm
  10. I would not expect CDLC on Xbox One at all at this point. Jailbreak of that consoles don't seem to have gone anywhere just yet and even if it does end up being doable relatively simply, there would still need to be user effort to figure out the DLC format and for the toolkit to be updated with the necessary function for conversion. For what it's worth, there's still nothing in regards to the PS4 format after the console being jailbroken for over 2 years.
  11. Those are the beats of the song (it's when you would hear a metronome click for example). They are here to indicate the tempo and don't require you to play anything.
  12. Do you have a screenshot of what you are talking about?
  13. @@Riverset Are you sure you set the path to wwise in the toolkit?
  14. @@opethianskies All CDLC can use the same single oDLC ID (which is why they are all set to Cherub Rock on CF)
  15. @@phillupdbowl The problem with not having tones is that at one point in time, it caused tone change to be broken which would prevent you from actually using your favorite tone set to one of the 3 position. Yes, tones will vary greatly from hardware to hardware, no one can deny that but that's totally beside the practical point of having tones set and tones changes in CDLC. For the best possible experience in as many case as possible with CDLC, tones are needed.
  16. No cause wwise is what RS use and only them offer the tools to convert the audio to the appropriate proprietary format as far as i'm aware. Note that if breaching EULA is a concern to you, using CDLC is already a EULA breach of Rocksmith EULA but EULA are not really unforceable in any country as far as i'm aware anyway so i wouldn't necessarily over think this.
  17. @@Niz0 The point is to benefit from the in game tone simulation, the microphone deactivate that part to avoid feedback, using a no-cable crack allows to bypass that "issue".
  18. @@RedCrowBleeding No cable works perfectly fine for quite a few people and there's also the microphone mode that works too.
  19. @@kevb For the splash screen thing, know that you can also just enter the shop to force the enumeration process again. But both method don't allow to remove songs or edit as those situation will make the game crash as soon as you go over a removed song or try to play an edited one.
  20. @@Xevious7 We know they had about 2 to 3 month of DLC planned ahead which doesn't quite fit with the Covid-19 timeline for sending people to work from home and notetracker job can be done remotely very easily too (and some of those notetracker have been seen on the weekly stream too).
  21. Since Catalina update, a lot of tools are not working on Mac anymore due to the drop of 32bit compatibility which makes CDLC creation on mac without using a VM impossible as far as i'm aware.
  22. Alright, a lot of variety available in recent times, from rock classic to prog metal to parody and funk, a lot of thing to enjoy during this quarantine.
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