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  1. Actually, the change to halve staccato notes wasn't that difficult and I believe the change is pretty benign. I'll submit a pull request.
  2. I've got a tux guitar score that has 8th notes where alternating notes are staccato. With "GP Import truncates short notes" turned on, all the notes are truncated. With "GP Import truncates short notes" turned off, all the notes have the same length. In either case, there's no indication that one note is longer than another. Rocksmith doesn't convey the notion of staccato notes by design. But I'm not a fan of this. I patched EOF to always truncate staccato notes. This looks better, but isn't accurate either. It would be better if the duration of a staccato note was just halved, but this looks like a much more difficult change. It seems like grace and dotted notes have special handling. Staccato notes could have special handling too. Is there any particular objection?
  3. I'm working on a cdlc of Time by Rymes with Orange. Bass arrangement only. I have a work in progress .psarc available here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rhzhdpja1dfs8bo/Rymes-With-Orange_Time_v1_p.psarc/file It has some issues with it still. I've been fighting some weird gp5 import problem with notes so I have to hand tweak the notes in eof. Many of the notes are excessively long, but I will fix it. The transcription is not 100% accurate because of the above problem. If some kind soul is able to help, I'd like to find a Tone that works for this song. It looks as though there is an octave pedal based on the spectrum, but I know squat about bass effects.
  4. I don't play Rocksmith (my kids do), so I lack perspective. In my opinion, if this particular score is not played with the correct note durations, it would sound incredibly wrong. If I choose to disable the option to truncate short notes, are there undesirable side effects? Just trying to understand why this "general rule" might be so. I can certainly understand it being hard to see what's going on without truncated notes in busy passages, but I don't think that's an issue here. I built a cdlc with note trunction and had my kids play test the song. They complained about it not sounding right, but they also helped transcribe it so they're quite familiar with it. I also built a cdlc without note truncation and had them play test the song. It didn't crash the game or cause any weirdness and there were no complaints. I guess I'm looking for guidance on when it's appropriate to disable short note truncation. I haven't heard that it should never be done, but at the same time I'm not seeing encouragement to do it. Oh and since "general rules" were mentioned, would there happen to be a list somewhere?
  5. Thanks for the tip. Had a peek in the source code to see why this might be so. There is an option in the Import/Export preferences. It's called "GP Import truncates short notes". Checked by default I guess. I unchecked it and redid the import. Everything shows up properly. Does anyone know why this option would be set this way by default? Or any reason why I shouldn't just leave it always unchecked?
  6. Hello, For some reason, note sustains stop showing up in EOF. The score is being imported from TuxGuitar. Here's the score (specifically the last two measures): And this is what EOF is showing after import: https://www.mediafire.com/view/i0yvo511ojkaw16/eof.png/file Anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening?
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