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  1. @@raynebc Can you explain why it´s important to mantain the time signatures when charting or importing a GP file ? And in the other hand... Too many people are syncing his customs moving notes and not beat markers in EOF, or moving the beats but not adusting the notes to the beats, there´s an option in "preferences " where you mark "note -autoadjust" and when moving the beats the notes auto adjust. Maybe they don´t understand the importance or they don´t know about this feature. Maybe if you explain a little about this they will considerate. Too me ,,In fact it´s much easier sync with markers and notes in the beats , also when working in this way you obtain a perfect tempo map for the song , and if for example there´s an update or you find a more acuratte GP file you only will have to import the file and it will fall and in his place. The tempo map then is the same to add bass or extra arrangements . To me it has no sense to sync all arrangements one by one . In the image you can see how the bmp had been changed and the notes seems in sync ,, but they are not in the markers. http://s2.subirimagenes.com/otros/8828410captura1.jpg
  2. @@Rocket Slash Temporay unavailable will be more correct.. I ´m really sad , but at the moment I´m sick about the people having so many problems with customs, that in the other hand work perfect for me. I´ll wainting till all the problems with the tools are fixed. In the meantime forget my previous GNR and feel free of work in any of the songs included. I´m on a real long vacation.
  3. @@Soilman,.. you can do what you want. I´m only asking . When learning to play the guitar or play a song I prefer quality over quantity, ,, IMMO I prefer being able to play perfectly a song than destroy hundreds of ears hearing me playing crap. I believe that every real guitar player would sign that phrase. The same about customs, RS 2014 is a powerfull tool to learn and practice guitar , why feed the game with quick-made customs that never will be played but look good in my library.
  4. @@Soilman. Why when charting your notes are not in the markers ? This is not the correct way of work and makes the custom almost imposible to upgrade and useless with the DDC. You also , as the vast majority of charters don´t respect the time signatures and the chart result in a mess imposible to upgrade. Assuming that tones are almost the 50% of a custom , you can spend some more time adjusting volumes and tweaking , cause in some of your customs the tones are copy and paste from another customs and sounds horrible. Quality vs Quantity .... you have to think about this.
  5. You´re right Fabianosan . Don´t worry . I just find the way to avoid the hangs and the slaps in the face.
  6. Some users report that this custom has the same bug . The problem of the hang with only showing up the speakers. I´m becoming mad with . I´m seriouly thinking to give up of sharing my customs. I test my customs in Xbox and never had any problem , this only happen when I package the customs for Pc. Here is the custom packed with toolkit ( downloaded yesterday) as I said before in console don´t have any problem . http://customsforge.com/topic/4580-crazy/?do=findComment&comment=29668
  7. Welcome to the Jungle Nightrain Out Ta Get Me Used To Love Her One In A Million Right Next Door to Hell Back off Bitch Bad Apples Dead Horse Civil War Knockin' On Heaven's Door Shotgun Blues Pretty Tied Up Down on the Farm Black Leather Do you guess who is working in this list? hahaha , I´´ also have Rocket Queen but Soilman already did it. I´m adding the time signatures ( something that seems that nobody does), tweakin tones, adding tech notes etc etc.. a lot of work,, so be patient..
  8. Thanks raynebc and MadMaxx .. I will apply your tips for new songs . Now I´m updating with tech notes and the only way to apply the imported ones from a gp file is to import the gp file , copy only the tech notes and then search where the first tech note fails and paste. It´s a easy way to update old charts and revamp some songs. Thanks again raynebc for adding this feature.
  9. As always thanks for your work with EOF , getting better and better everyday. I´ been working with tech notes that are imported directly from a GP file. The results are great . I have some questions about it. Assuming that when importing GP files there´s always to change where the track starts ..To make the imported tech notes work properly you have to move first the notes and then the tech notes . Is there some way to copy paste both tracks ( normal and tech notes )at the same time ? Edit: Now I see that you already answered that question and are working on that, but in the meantime ,which would be the more adequate way of work .? Right now first I copy and paste regular notes and then copy and paste the tech notes . as the marker must be in the same place you want to copy the fist note , the problem I find is with tech notes . You must search also where the first tech note stars and then copy there. When importing the two layers are imported without problems , why when copying this not work ? Excuse my ignorance ...
  10. Thanks raynebc, It´s supposed that you are experience user ,, :mrgreen: @ , when you asking for help and someone offers you what he can , try to be a little more friendly. .. your avatar unsettles me.
  11. The fret hand positions is the last thing you have to apply. If you input a fingering for a chord, the hand position will adjust . There´s also the auto fingering for EOF know chords. But you always can change the fingering or not input any data. When you input all fingering, then and only then you can auto create the fret hand positions or do it manually but IMMO the auto mode works very well. The fret hand positions for a slide is equal to a normal chord. There will be position for beginning and other for the end. The tale which join the two will be created automatically if you add the sustain for the first note.
  12. *Improved the "Beat>Reset BPM" function to allow you specify whether tempo changes after the selected beat are removed instead of all tempo changes after the first beat. Great ,,,, Thanks one more time raynebc
  13. Unleashed2K, thanks for make this site and in record time .
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