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  1. ЯЯ has an easy riff but the speed is killing me. ~70 speed at now. May be 80. But without constant practice I will not get higher. Unfortunatelly today's session is over. http://i.imgur.com/beJWgHz.jpg
  2. I've got a chance to practice today... But all the songs are hard for 1 day only.... =(
  3. Hello everyone! I can't teach all the songs, RR and SA. This night I've got a moment to play a little. http://i.imgur.com/iIsAoQ1.jpg And unfortunately that's all =(
  4. Thanks a lot for sweet words everyone =) I hope strike back as soon as sound check will done =)
  5. Hello everybody. I have to say I need to stop play guitar for a while. A little baby was born. I don't have a time now. But I promise to get back again in the future. Thank you everyone and wait for me back =)
  6. No means no. http://i.imgur.com/1bAcM66.jpg
  7. I have some difficulties with the part of slides http://i.imgur.com/VZ5D4qS.jpg
  8. I need to change my handshttp://i.imgur.com/l8dlBVX.jpg
  9. Too fast for me. Have tried it several times more but with even worst results. http://i.imgur.com/ZcsAFLt.jpg
  10. Pain. Pain for my hand and for my ears. http://i.imgur.com/ooJ5UaC.jpg
  11. I hope I will able to play it later this week http://i.imgur.com/U3YAg9w.jpg
  12. the only I can say about Jump in the fire is my left hand is on fire! well. my be sound is not such a great... just try to turn on another tone)
  13. Don't know... Have some kinda mood... Did everyone watch Batmetal ?
  14. Fortunately my work is in 10 kms out of me. You won again! :DMy car covered with lots of salt from road! And this is after first 300 kms only. Hate winters!White car which is black actually: another 300+ km after
  15. I have to drive 300 km and back every saturday for a second time. And I will do it next few weeks. Just to see my wife for 10 minutes =(
  16. As terrible as hell http://i.imgur.com/r4DuCGR.jpg There's no solo ataaaaaaallll Rhythm part mostly failed too.
  17. Dude, the video was recorded with 147 try. And I can't reproduce it now. So the solos are still too hard for me. But take a look at us. Who we are? We are the champios my friend And we'll keep on fighting till the end Ooops. Sorry. Wrong card. We're here to fight. Fight with lazyness and pain and speed of light and wrong screaming notes.Yes, I will not able to play the solo on the go. But why wouldn't we try? Aren't we? ;)
  18. Fingers on my left hand turned into meat. I'm trying to learn outlaw and I didn't get even close to the lowest point of success... 90% speed with lots of misses... 100% speed is unreachable.
  19. Gaddam fast someday... I will can... U1; Doesn't count. Dirty still.
  20. That was like that actually: http://i.giphy.com/3oEduHoDCYiNcSNdpC.gif So Gamut & Maztor are playing better I guess.
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