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  1. I'm just tired of fighting with ghost misses here. That one is actually hard. Even without solo.
  2. Hello everyone! Lead beg-adv songs are playable. Strange. No teathbreaking solos... Anyway. At now I get this results. Need more practise. Not such a hard. But very missable =) Tool beginnig is very creapy I'd say. I'm played it first time at midnight... shivering. No result yet.
  3. Because of my business trip I had no time to practice this week =(
  4. People, get out of here. Business is serious.
  5. Just noticed that you are from Russia. So am I, but I chose New Zealand as our new home :) I can't chose new home anymore :'( :)
  6. Actually Windows can reject activation with new CPU and MB.
  7. Good week everyone! @@Telboy Tel-me Tel-boy... HOW?! =)
  8. Hi! This week I'm not playing because I'm trying to create my first CDLC. Fast fingers everyone! http://customsforge.com/index.php/topic/44624-working-threat-signal-aura-disconnect-2017/
  9. Speaking about realtone cable...Found something interesting. Actually I thought something like this must be exist... And here it is.https://github.com/fluffyanvil/Rocksmith-Diy-Realtone-Cable/wiki
  10. Thank you for the detailed post. Don't know why but I thought we will talking about effects pedals :D Compressors, noise redusers, overdrive and so on ))) Unfortunately I still play RS from 10-12pm while everybody sleep at my place. But someday.... I hope... they will meet not by fretboard against forehead =)
  11. Can anybody shot a video for Poisonous Shadows please?
  12. What's up @@Telboy ? )) I wanna back to championship... Once again )))
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