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  1. Lots of weeks ago was fun and interesting to play Volbeat - The Gates of Babylon. This weeks song is interesting too. Firstly I thought - no. no. I will NOT play this. Mostly of D Std. But now I realy like it.
  2. I truely do understang what do you mean. Seems like yestarday I brought my wife with something little in her hands and now I breathe like a driven beast every night :D Because "pappa! more! more!" and so on :D Do you remember the things you did when you was 7? :D I think I climbed the drain :D Cellphones, tables... ogh my... Glad to see my boy likes everything I bought to him. Little kitchen? Nice! We're all fed! Water gun? We're all wet :D I'm afraid scool times are gitting closer and closer. 4 years? Phphph... This is the day after tomorrow!!!! :D
  3. Ogh... Well... Running, jumping, screaming and running and jumping and running again and again and again :D boizzz you know :D
  4. Hello everyone! Miss you every day so much!
  5. Happy XMAS everybody!!! -- Can't get 100% 2 nights. Tries counter is below zero.
  6. https://youtu.be/i7E_gqEKhL4 At least 3 places to punch me in the video. Find 'em all!
  7. I can surely say: I missing championship a lot! ;) ;)
  8. Hey Hey Hey Mr. @Rodman I'm pretty fine. Lots of things in past days. A long "live story" =)How are you? How is champ? These beautiful people? How the deals? =)
  9. Hey-hey-hey-low everyone =) Haven't played so long....Forgot how fun and pleasurable it might be...
  10. Wiil see will I able to play it on 100%...
  11. Haven't played the songs since that weeks.
  12. Why is a thursday already?! How?! More acc with less streak... And LP
  13. Have a nice week everyone! Let's start from pain for my hands...
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