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  1. Y'all know what time it is?, update time. (For Custom String Colour Generator. Probably last one for a while, idk tho) Update (19/06/2019) Added a way to add gradient via program. (you can still do manually if ya want) Fixed tuning pegs (turns out in base rs non-selected tuning pegs have no glow lol. Been playing modded too long) Added dds conversion. (thanks nvdxt.exe) Saving gamecolourmanager.flat now goes to the exe folder, not the root of the C drive by default. Base image with no gradient still goes to desktop, otherwise it dies. (soz lads) Added "WHERE THE FILES GO.txt" the converted folder, so you know where to put them. Few bits need some more fiddling tho "Why does the generate image button only work once now", cus it crashes if you do it more than once and IDK how to fix it. This took way too long to do. (like 3 days, but its my fault for being stupid lol) link to post Roit that's all see ya.
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  2. Can't be bothered to learn the solo My song... I don't think it's 4! 5-6 at least
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  4. http://u.meelo.org/.rocksmith/week295/lead/b01.png
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