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Guitar facia repairs


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OK, so my guitar flipped forward when setting up rocksmith and thudded against my desk.

My ebony finish now has a small dint in it and you can see the wood behind.

Bloody annoying.

Anyone know if there's an easy way to repair it?

Its a Gibson ebony SG std..

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The easiest way if you are not to fussy is to fill the hole with fibreglass filler sand it with wet and dry paper till smooth then get a spray can from an auto shop store, spray the affected area then polish. It's not too hard but the colour has to be right.

There are better ways to do it but they take time, patience and a bit of work, just like repairing a dent in a car.

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You'll never eliminate that to where it won't show, sorry. The only way would be a complete refinish, and even then, if it's not done by a professional, forget about it, it'll never look right.


Personally, I like my guitars to wear their dings and scratches as a mark of pride -- guitars get that beat-up look because they're played, after all, not because they've been kept in a shrine or gathering dust.


But if it realy bothers you, I'd just go for a simple fix -- take a black magic marker and color it in. You could apply a dab of clear nail polish/hardener to protect that (mask off the finish around the ding first).


Then -- just forget about it. You won't be able to see it while you're playing anyway.

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It depends on what kind of finish it is. If it's nitro, it's easier, because the solvents in nail polish will help hide the fix by 'melting' the edges of the gash. Poly would be a lot harder to fix (but if this were a poly finish, you probably wouldn't have got that chip from a simple knock like that). 


Also, you can certainly find a marker in the exact shade of your guitar -- there are kits of artist markers with a range of  blacks and greys. Just coloring in the gash alone will be enough to hide it. After that, you can fill the dip with anything that will harden -- superglue, nail polish. Do that in several layers, giving each layer the time to dry. You could probably get the repair to where it's almost invisible. Like I said, mask off the rest of the finish so you don't accidently spill any of the superglue/nail polish on it.


I don't think you need to color the superglue -- varnishes aren't colored, after all. They're a transparent layer applied on top of the paint.


On the other hand, if it IS a nitro finish, then you might as well prepare yourself for other dings/crazing in the future. It's part of what makes nitro such an excellent finish. You can really see the life of your guitar in it. If anyone asks about the ding, just tell 'em you got it diving off the stage in the middle of a wild solo. Or that one of your groupies knocked the guitar over while you were ... um... yeah.

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It's arrived anyway.
Will give it a go soon, when I find my masking tape. ;)


I'll probably not bother sanding afterwards (I don't have the paper anyway). At least in this instance, as long as I dont see the wood beneath the laquer, I'll be happy enough for now.


edit... That didn't last long. Just ordered some sandpaper. Might be a week or two to arrive, but I'm in no rush..


@@MVega , all I need to do now is invent a decent story that people would believe. For a man with a wife and kid, I probably can't mention groupies (unless I have a death wish)..  ;)


No it's not this size - unless you're viewing on a mobile.. 

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The problem with sanding is you can't just sand a little bit -- you'll end up having to treat the whole area.


But you'll want to invest in a set of polishing pads too -- StewMac sells them, they go up to 12000 grit, which will give the mirror shine to match the rest. http://www.stewmac.com/Materials_and_Supplies/Sanding_and_Polishing/Sandpaper_and_Finishing_Papers/Micro-Mesh_Soft_Touch_Finishing_Pads.html


These things are great. It's like magic.

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