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What are you calling the spacing on the fretboard? The timing between each note? Or the beat marker indicating the tempo of the song?


What do you mean by not co-insiding with the tabs? You import from GP i suppose so, when you import it you mean that the note are at the wrong place compared to the music?


From what i think, your problem come from the fact that you didn't set the beatmap in EOF, look at the tutorial section of this forum there is at least 3 topic about syncing.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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having problems  getting the spacing correct  for Dire Straits Local Hero have looked on the 

cldc search and no ones done it to learn so thought i would have a try but i cant seem to get things to go correct  :???:


Hi aasguard, As @@firekorn said, the tutorials cover it, but I will add that synching the beats is the toughest thing to do. It can take anywhere from about half an hour to a couple of hours to synch up a song (some of the tougher songs are really hard to synch because it can be hard to hear exact beats).  You need to understand where the beats fall on the music and even then, hearing the beats can be tough. Once you have the beats set, then adding the notes is actually the easy part.  Also, don't expect the tabs to load perfectly - you will probably have to adjust some of the notes. The tabs makes it easier, but it still takes a lot of work. I prefer to work with full sheet music and just manually enter everything. It takes longer, but it can be more accurate unless you have a really good tab.


I hope that helps ...

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thanks will look into it and slowly work my way through it all again 


It'll be easier to start from scratch. Erase all the notes.


Here's my process:


1. Import song, add 3000 ms leading silence (although I sometimes add this in an audio editor first).

2. Estimate tempo, then set time signature.

3. Display waveform -- Drag first beat marker (which should be labeled 1) to where the waveform begins (assuming this is the first beat of the first measure of the song -- sometimes songs start on an offbeat)

4. Save. This will fill in the blank space before the first measure. You might have to readjust the beat marker to match the beginning of the song again.

5. Now the hard part -- you'll work your way through the song, lining up the beat markers to the beat. If there's a snare, it's pretty easy -- they're easy to spot in the waveform. In rock, they're usually on the 2 and 4 beats, no need to line up the 1 and 3 beat markers, since they'll usually fall into place. Moving a beat market anchors it in place.


Once you've established the beatmap, lock it down. Now you can import your notes again. Set the cursor to where the track is supposed to start in the song. I usually Select-all and copy the notes after importing them, then delete them, then position the cursor and paste them. This will snap them to the beatmap you prepared.

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