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help with chart please



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There's probably a tutorial for this somewhere in one of the dozens of pinned topics.


But quickly:


Select the very first beat marker

Go to Track - Rocksmith - Tone Changes

Add the first tone -- give it a meaningful name, like Acoustic (make sure it's spelled correctly and all subsequent appearances of the tone are spelled the same).

Scroll to where you want the tone to change -- select that beat marker.

Go back to the Tone Change menu and add a new tone, name it Distortion (for example).


Repeat this for all other tones changes, if any.


Now, open up the Tone Changes menu, this time choose NAMES.

You should see all of the tones you've created. Choose one of these to be your default tone (i.e., the one that will be the first tone in the song).


Important: The tones you add in the Toolkit must have exactly the same names as the names you've set in EOF. When creating the psarc, make sure you load all of your tones first, before adding the arrangement. When you add the arrangement for a track, the toolkit should automatically load the tones (but not always, sometimes it leaves out the last tone, so you might have to load this manually).

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Just to add to MVega's excellent instructions


- You do not need to be on a beat marker to add a tone change.  It can keep things neat if you do but sometimes songs require a tone change off the beat (because the chorus may start on the actual beat and you want the tone engaged maybe 0.5 seconds before the chorus).  The tone change will occur wherever the green play bar is located when you make one


- Hold down ctrl when pushing the arrow keys to move the green play bar slowly (for precision tone changes)


- The shortcut for tone changes is   ctrl+shift+t which is much quicker than navigating menus every time


- If you forget to create a default tone, EoF will warn you during a save - make sure you do it at some point or it causes big problems later on

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