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High e string is too low?

Cat With A Mustach


For the past while, the high e string has been giving me some problems in-game. Everytime a note between 7-20, the string doesn't hit correctly. If I hit the string one fret up, then it hits correctly in-game. Using the built in tuner for the game, I have no idea why this would even happen. Perhaps its my strings fault of even my guitars? I know I am not pressing too hard on the fret, like how sometimes the Low E string can change pitches in-game just by pressing it too hard.

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Could be you intonation's off, could be the truss rod needs adjusting.



Tune the open strings, then play the harmonic on the 12th fret and then play the note on the 12th fret. These should all be in tune with each other.


If the tuning's going out at the 7th, that could be a sign that you've got too much relief in the neck. If you have a capo, put that on the first fret, hold the low e at the 17th fret or so. Now take a credit card and see if you can slide it under the string at the 7th fret. It should be really snug (credit cards are about 0.25 mm, which is about where the neck relief should be.


If it's the intonation, you'll need to slide the bridge saddle forward or backward, depending on if it's flat or sharp. Small movements are all you'll need.

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