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26 minutes ago, JD7554 said:

it's not showing on RS14 only RS1.

This is an issue a few people have had.

Since you have RS1 you may have better luck than others. Go into your dlc folder usually at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc depending your file directory, and delete all 3 files:


rs1compatibilitydisc_m.psarc and


Go to Steam Library and verify  (integrity of) game files again to force them to download. There is no promise that this will work. If it is already showing in RS1, it should be showing in RS2014. Sometimes toggling the dlc checkbox in Steam Library / RS1 will help.

Other people have had success in reinstalling Rocksmith2014 entirely. IF you do this, make sure you back up all your cdlc first!

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I should have added after finding that it was an issue of not showing in game, even if it was available for purchase, you would not be able to purchase again as you already own it. Steam will not let you purchase it a second time.

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