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My first custom. Corey Hart; "Never Surrender"


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Hi, I've been using the site for quite a while, and finally decided to make my own CDLC for songs that I don't see in the database that I'm interested in.

I bought the  song on iTunes and converted it. 

I've only made the Bass part, because I play bass.

I decided to do the note by note method in Editor On Fire.

First Question:  I get an error in DLC Builder about the "bass_base" tone, which I don't know how to resolve and it won't let me "publish".

I finished the song and tested it, and it's pretty good.   Now I'm not sure of my next step to publish it, or ask to get it tested, or what.  

Also, generally, I'm not sure where to store the file for safe downloads.  What are people generally using these days?

And lastly, what should my next step or hint be for submitting it?

Any help for this old newbie would be appreciated.   Thanks, folks.


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Next to Tones on the bottom of the screen, press the + sign.   You have to add a bass tone and  name it same case sensitive name  so "bass_base"  and then add it to the bass_base key .  

If you're unsure of how to get a good sounding tone,  if you choose import tone from collection after pressing +   there will be a list of all official game tones in there, if you search bass  and then a song that is similar to the tone you're looking for that will be your best probability of getting a good starting tone.

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