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Rocksmith CDLC not working, not showing up in game and no other solution worked.



Hi!, I keep having trouble trying to make cdlc show up in game, yes I have the song list all checked in RSmods and I have checked in game song lists, I cant find the d3dx9 dll, and every tool I see online seems really sketchy and I keep seeing people saying said tools messed up their computer. No I do not have cherub rock, and I am using the method most recent on the tutorial part of these forums. I've checked firewall, and removed the inbound rules for rocksmith, so the mods installer could work entirely. all other mods in the interface work, but I cannot get cdlc to work for the life of me. ill attach screenshots below of what my folders look like, and what my interface looks like. How do I fix this? I hope the pictures help. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a great day.

rocksmith dlc folder.JPG

rocksmith folder.JPG

rocksmith interface.JPG

rsmods screenie.JPG

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You need the d3dx9.dll in order for cdlc to work. You do not need a original dlc for cdlc to work if you are using the current d3dx9.dll.

Go to the first page, first post of the "use cdlc" thread, link top of the page. Download the cdlc enabler. There is nothing wrong with the download. You may have to give permissions or temporarily disable / turn off antivirus.

You may have to move the enabler to the Rocksmith folder before running it.

Cdlc should be and go in the dlc folder. You do not have to make a seperate folder within the dlc folder, but it will help keep it organized.

If you still can not get the enabler to download, go to page 41 of the "use cdlc" thread, and use that link. If you do use that link, send a thank you to Nick Beat for providing it.

make sure the d3dx9.dll goes in the Rocksmith 2014 folder, with the rocksmith2014.exe, the second image you have posted in this thread.

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