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Coming Soon Q1 2024 ROADMAP

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Posted from our Discord: 

# **Coming Soon Q1 2024 ROADMAP**

## Workshop

- An area for charters to showcase upcoming projects
- They can also show off commissions and who they are working on it for
 - This is to provide a better middle ground, we would still not handle any of the billing. 
 - We would like to create better guidelines to help both sides in case of scams.
- A creator can start a wishlist request, which will show that they are working on it in their workshop area.

## Wishlist Improvements

- We recently launched the new artist view: <https://ignition4.customsforge.com/wishlist/artist>
- We would like to expand the wishlist limit to 10 ~~15~~ eventually

## Knowledgebase
- After workshop/wishlist has been fully released we would like to come back to finish the KB. This includes creating new articles, and new methods of integrations. We already have a discord bot that works but we would like to expand this for all users to use. 

## Improved Notifications
- We would like to expand our notification system now that I rewrote some of the code, this would integrate more notifications for when certain actions take place "Wishlist fulfilled" for example. 

## Report / Discussion System
- I'm still not 100% happy with our report system. I will be evaluating this to see where we can improve on this. We will update it based on user feedback

## APIs/Integrations
- Last year we integrated Spotify, MusicBrainz, and Last.FM
 - We would like to expand on these APIs to help introduce better images and meta data for content

## Recommendation
- This is planned for 2024 and not q1, but we would like to integrate a recommendation system that allows you to find artists based on your taste. 

## Laravel 11
- The release of Laravel 11 will require us to update the backend in several areas. This may take up February for development time 

## Ignition 4.8
- Ignition 4.8 should be out by March-April, we're currently on build `4.7.266` 
- 4.8 would include the above updates, layout fixes, theme updates, improved mobile support, 

Rocksmith 2014 Remastered remains a strong game due to our community. We have no plan on stopping. Thank you to everyone and especially the members who continues to contribute to the community.

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