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New to Customsforge! Rocksmith 2014 no longer available on steam. Would Hard Copy for PC solve my dilemma of being able to play DLC



Hello, I've recently been playing Rocksmith 2014 on PS3 and love it. But I wanted more I you tubed some videos and came across this site. Wow so much good content here! I'm upset I did not find this earlier in life. 
My question is if I purchased a New Rocksmith 2014 hard copy for PC  from ebay or amazon would I be able to download content from Customs forge library? 

Thanks in advance 


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You should be still able to redeem the key from the physical hard copy and install it that has not already been redeemed. I believe it was only the digital keys that they said would no longer work after the 23rd of October. I do not know for how long they will still allow the hard copy keys to work.



(Before you ask, No, any previously de-listed songs will not be made available here currently.)


the .dll/enabler as of Nov 23rd no longer requires a purchased DLC in order to use cDLC, so text removed.

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@ Etownhammer I guess you will be a guinea pig for us then. Either way it pans out, it would be appreciated to let us know how it worked for you. If it doesn't, will save other people from wasting money, if it does work, than it can be a suggested method until the rest of the hard copies are depleted.

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UPDATE: Fuck yeah boys I'm in business 🙂 Hard Copy worked. Cost was a bit inflated but 100% worth it. It was easy to get CDLC with the new patch thats out. 

Thanks Sniper for your help/support. 

I cant wait to start shredding!  

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