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Cherub Rock purchased - not showing in the songs list!




I bought RS 2014 Remastered along with the Cherub Rock DLC yesterday, only for Cherub Rock not to appear in my songs list!

I've also added CDLC to the dlc folder and ran the tool to enable cdlc - I followed the popular Youtube tutorial for it.

I think I must have made a really silly mistake somewhere so I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

I've noticed the comments "CDLC uses the ID of Cherub rock" but I've not done anything for this - is there a step I've missed somewhere?





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A couple different things can cause this to happen.

Are you running Windows 11?

IF your steam client is not up to date, it will not download. IF it is not selected in your DLC content tab (in Steam library, right clicking Rocksmith 2014, Properties) in the Steam client it will not add, so check your DLC folder first to make sure it is there in the DLC folder with in the Rocksmith 2014 install folder. (cherubrock_p,parsc) Some times unchecking the song, then re-checkmarking will force it to install if it has not.

In Rocksmith, check your Filter BY (same as the photo you posted) and make sure that you have every thing to show in game. Sometimes the filter will not allow it to show. Appearing from your photo, it is already done. Check anyways.

All current DLC posted on ignition currently uses the cherub rock song id, so there is nothing you should have to do with cdlc if you have cherub rock installed.

the d3dx9_42.dll is not required for Cherub Rock to show in game. However it is required for the cdlc to work. The installer should have installed it into the Rocksmith 2014 folder. Sometimes it does not. Check the Rocksmith 2014 folder (same folder as Rocksmith2014.exe) to see if it is actually there.

If the steam client is up to date, if Cherub Rock is checked in the DLC content tab, use verify files to force it to check the integrity of the game install.

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Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately after checking everything you suggested, I'm still having issues and can't see the DLC.

I'm going to throw in the towel and get a refund via Steam. I think I've spent too much time trying to resolve it and am also spending other people's time now too!

Again, thanks for your comments

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While that is your choice, and your money. There are people willing to spend time to help you get started. Just because I failed, doesn't mean there isn't someone else who can help, and are also willing to help.

It is often difficult to diagnose someone else's problem where one can not see the physical machine and test or check things. The choice is yours and yours alone how much time you are willing to spend. You are not the first to have the problem where DLC doesn't show, particularly that song. Occasionally It was just a matter of time for Steam or Steam client to update over night, sync and download.

You do not have to use that particular song, you can change the cDLC to the song ID of any song you have purchased.

You did not answer whether you were using Windows 11, and frequently that alone has caused problems with the game, DLC, or cDLC not working correctly due to it being a different OS.

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Sorry for the delay - thanks for your reply.

I'm using Windows 11 - what can I do to workaround this (compat mode Win7 or Win 8?)

I might give it another bash to see if I can get it working.

I'm not sure what I have to do for this step (although I couldn't get Cherub rock to appear anyway):

you can change the cDLC to the song ID of any song you have purchased

I'll try again tomorrow - it was a frustrating experience the other day!

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