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Just getting started, would like some feedback


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Hey guys and gals, I decided this weekend to try my hand at making CDLC, instead of continually hoping that my requests and wishes would some day be fulfilled.


So far, I'm taking baby steps, meaning that my first two attempts are PC and Bass only with no tones.  Once I get that mastered, I will be branching out and adding vocals and lead/rhythm and doing other platforms as well.


My first that I did is one of my absolute favorites, Social Distortion - Reach for the Sky.  Bass line is simple (only using 4 notes on two strings) and repetitive, and playing myself has yielded a 98.7% mastery.


My second attempt was done early this morning when I couldn't sleep.  Another good song, Dropkick Murphys - The State of Massachusetts.  Far more complex for my playing level, but eyeballing it, everything seems to sync up and sounds about proper.


Both can be downloaded here: 




Be brutal, be honest -  but please leave me feedback what sucks about it, needs fixed or whatever.  Or you can tell me you love it.  


Thanks everyone!


EDIT:  Reach for the Sky has been updated with both Lead and Rhythm, as well as lyrics.  No DD, and sections/phrases are missing, so no proper Riff Repeater ATM.  Still PC-only.

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Two good choices!  I'll be happy to give you some feedback if you end up doing the guitar parts.


I finally got around to adding both guitar parts and vocals to Reach for the Sky.  I haven't been able to test regular guitar since my kids are asleep, so it's probably far from perfect.  File name has been changed too.


The State of Massachusetts hasn't been touched yet.  Maybe tomorrow.



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It only takes a minute to add in the sections and phrases -- makes it more playable, and without sections you risk having weird camera angles (if the song changes from a low position on the fretboard to a higher one for example).


And don't worry about PC only -- it's very easy to convert a psarc to any of the other formats. It makes more sense to let people do this themselves.


Be careful -- making customs is addictive.

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Sorry for the holdup on the Dropkick song.  The Songsterr tabs I found for lead guitar are broken up into three parts, for some reason; right, left and bridge.  EOF doesn't seem too keen on loading them all onto the same track, so it looks like I'll have to do it manually in GP6.


Is there any other good source for downloadable GP tabs?

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