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EoF CDLC Syncing help



So im trying to chart a live song by Blink 182 (Dumpweed). The tabs look right, but im having major BPM problems. I believe the entire songs bpm is 106 (estimated through EoF and Songbpm.com) but there are some parts to the song where it speeds up. 

Can anyone help me on how to use EoF, especially with selecting certain parts of a song and changing its specific bpm?


Ive been using these 2 tutorials to help me chart, but they dont give a lot of detail on how to sync:






My goal was to chart Bink 182's live cd for myself, and the community if they wanted it, so im trying to make these songs perfect.

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Before you import the GPro file, you should set the beatmap - that is, drag the markers for the beats to match the music.


So, assuming you've already added the leading silence, applied the bpm and set the time signature (which displays the measure numbers) :


You should NOT save the file yet. That comes in a minute.


1. Show the waveform -- in the menu, use the configure waveform dialogue to look at the left and right channels. Sometimes the drums are panned to one side or the other -- you want the side where the drum beat is most obvious.


2. Now, take the first measure and position it exactly to where the music  starts (since this is live, it probably won't be at the start of the waveform).


3. Save. EOF will ask you if you want to fill in the space before the first marker. Say yes. (You first measure will probably become measure number 3 -- or later, depending on how much audience noise there is before the music starts. If that marker no longer corresponds to the start of the music, shift it back into place.)


4. Now it's a matter of lining up the beat markers to correspond to the song. It's easiest to do this to the snare beat, since that's usually the easiest to see in the waveform. Usually the snare is on the 2 and 4 beat for rock n' roll, but not always. Generally there's not much BPM drift within a single measure, but there's almost always some drift since drummers are human beings (although with the guy from Blink 182 that's debatable). Just line up the beat markers to match the beat.


It helps to turn on the metronome for this part - hit the M key. For really tricky parts, I'll add notes and turn on the clap and move the notes around until I'm satisfied I have the beat, then line up the beat markers accordingly (and then erase the notes).


5. Once you've done the whole song, you can import the GPro file. Do NOT drag the notes to line up to music. Instead, select and copy all of the notes, then delete them. Position the cursor to the first note/measure of the guitar part and paste. This will cause the GPro file to sync to the beatmap you just created.


Note: A lot of people prefer using GoPlayAlong for the syncing process -- it seems like it's easier to do. But using EOF for this isn't difficult either.

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There's at least two tutorial dedicated to syncing pinned above.


There are way too many pinned topics there. Wading through all of that would take a week, so I can't blame people for not bothering.


I think it's time to clean that section up -- someone needs to go through it, take all the essential information and condense into a single locked topic.

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ive actually gone through just about all of them. ive learned a lot already, the thing id say im having themost  trouble with is how EXACTLY  to use EoF and how EXACTLY to sync and use beat markers and anchors and such. but thanks, ill try that and let you know x)

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