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Rocksmith crashes after update.




I have two computers, a desktop PC and a laptop. I have the desktop PC in disconnected mode so the update did not affect it, but I would like to format it and I am afraid that by doing so, it will go wrong.

The laptop was updated and it was working fine with the beta, but I wanted to remove the beta and put the new patch. Since then he has been doing weird things. The sound of the song sounds distorted, jumps on the screen, and the fingering disappears after it is displayed on the screen or hangs above the strings.

Is there any way to get the .exe from steam and thus be able to format my computer and install the version prior to the update?


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Man, I want to help you out, but I am afraid of giving you the wrong answer. I would have the same anxieties. Everytime I reformat I lose files or settings or bookmarks that I wanted.

First thing, the laptop rocksmith install is the one not working, but you you are asking about reformating the desktop that is working fine?

You should have the .exe you are looking for on the desktop if it is still running the beta. Save the rocksmith files to a flash drive.

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I am hesitant to suggest and say this, but as far as I am aware of, the justincaseweneedit code is still working. 

when you reinstall, you will have to be in online mode in order to enter the code.

As far as I know, you will not be able to stop it from downloading the updated version on a fresh install, you would have to revert to it using the code, then using the script to prevent the update. Someone else might or probably have a better answer. Someone smarter may have an answer how to block the latest update from scratch, but I doubt it.

If it were me, I would try it on the laptop first if that is the device not working properly. If you want to save what is on the desktop, make a clone of the hard disk.

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