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$15 to who ever creates a Megalomania by Black Sabbath Tab (bass)

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9 hours ago, Tank-OR said:

Off topic, Damn Terry, I was in Dallas most of this week and didnt even try to contact you. Sorry

Wow, been a while since I last heard from you buddy. I am still here at the same place. And just recently started charting tunes steady again. Released 3 Eagles tunes lately, worked hard on them and got 3-4 thanks from the regular thanks guys. And no real feedback if they liked or hated it. I feel I am wasting my time here at customsforge.

Later, and happy to hear from you Tank-OR

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Hi @ RSBass  Thank You!, Thank You!, Thank You!, You are the best!

I listened to both of your posted cover videos of Black Sabbath - Megalomania. That band Into The Void was the best cover of Megalomania I have ever heard. And the Bass cover by EddiHernandez was truly amassing, And he was rockin and into the tune for sure, totally. Still, I am hoping I can chart a decent Bass Path for this awesome song, along with the guitar tracks. This 10 minute song is the biggest challenge I have ever taken on. And you and the guys from the Classic Rock Coalition with me, I feel is the only way I would be able to accomplish something like this. I am still waiting for @ Cole245  to give me some feedback from what I have charted so far. I hope my chart is not a mess and not worth even playing. I will play the Bass chart tomorrow and see if I am even close or have to start all over. I am determined to chart this song. If I have guy's like you behind me I feel I have a chance of a decent chart.

Thank you again RSBass,

Unworthy to have the best friends here at customsforge, avdocatwork


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2 hours ago, avdocatwork said:

Hi @ RSBass  Thank You!, Thank You!, Thank You!, You are the best!....


Hey Terry @ avdocatwork , my friend - no problem...

may be i can help...

I've cleaned up Hettmar's tab and adjusted it for RS so far. Just a few small details and a few test runs and controls at different speeds. Then I can provide you with the finished chart, including project files. I think I can send you my correction tomorrow. I hope to help you with this. Until tomorrow ...

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Hi Terry @ avdocatwork and all interested bass players, Unfortunately the uploaded version still had some bugs. Now all the errors have been eliminated, I think.

If you have already downloaded the "old" version, please replace it with the new one ...

Here now version 3 of my bass version of Megalomania.

Download Link Dropbox

If you have any questions or something is missing, just contact me

Much fun yet

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On 7/26/2021 at 12:07 PM, RSBass said:

Hi Terry @ avdocatwork and all interested bass players, Unfortunately the uploaded version still had some bugs. Now all the errors have been eliminated, I think.

Thank You, @ RSBass  I transferred your chart to the Megalomania Bass build. Now there are 3 completed Bass paths in it. Your chart by RSBass is in C# standard, And my Two, One in C# standard (Alternate Bass) and the other (Bonus Bass) in E standard. I hope @ Cole245  appreciates the hard work the members of The Classic Rock Coalition (RSBass & avdocatwork) and others, that have contributed to make this custom happen. We don't want your $15.00, but I hope you will donate the $15.00 or more to CustomsForge. You will find the completed Custom at the link below.

CustomsForge Ignition4 Search

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Hi Terry, @ avdocatwork ,


Have viewed your tracks and found that all of the tracks have the wrong note length. ALL NOTES are too long. Each note overlapped the next.
That should definitely be corrected.
If you include my Bass.xml from EOF directly in the toolkit, it should actually look good.
I made a screen video of my version. You can download the video here. This is what the Notes Highway should look like.


correct notes ...



and now your uploaded tracks with overlap or to long short notes....







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Wow. What an incredible job @ avdocatwork ! Played both the E and C# versions and they were both incredible! Can't believe you not only made a great tab, but also went above and beyond in making 2 versions! Haven't played your version yet @ RSBass but I will certainly check it out. Thought this deserved a bit more than $15 so I went ahead and donated $25 to the site. Thank you so much man, this is awesome and I'm glad others will be able to play and enjoy it! Huge thanks to everyone else involved as well!

Screenshot 2021-07-30 014312.png

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