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  1. A new Tom Petty song is uploaded! "Swingin'" (1999) L R B The Bass line is full my own creation, transcribed by ear and is a good result, i think. ;) Also, the lead is heavily edited and has many effects.
  2. @avdocatwork Thanks for Black Sabbath! Sound, tone and sync allright! I love Black Sabbath-Black sabbath Bass line :D EDIT a new Hard Rock Song from Gary Moore is uploaded: Thunder Rising L R B
  3. The Link to Steves customs works great! Thank you, Terry! My project "Eiszeit" is uploaded! Lead Path The lead part was created by myself as Background/Fill for the rhythm and bass tracks and for choosing in Multiplayer mode. The chords are simplyfied. This track has multitone/tone change Rhythm and Bass Path some notes added Have fun EDIT: http://customsforge.com/public/style_images/villain/comment_edit.png EditThis Song is really simple in all tracks, but very powerful and very funny to play. Just the recognize in RS with the low tuning Eb Drop Db is a problem. The Bass low fix is
  4. Q5 - Steel the light Sound like Iron Maiden without Bruce :), but good! Never heard before. My newest project is a german industrial metal Song from "Eisbrecher" (Icebreaker) with Eiszeit (ice age) ;) The first time automatic synced with GPA 4 and perfect result. Youtube: And a video with lyric translation in english:
  5. Best regards to Steve! Steve, I miss you here, my best wishes for you!!!
  6. Hi Terry, Thank you for all the great songs and your time all the Years! I'm wll miss CRC in the future! You all have a good time, happy holidays and a great new year! Keep on rockin' Thank you very much! RSBass
  7. You are very diligent, Terry :) I have been very busy lately and now with my new toy, a brand new key - a Casio MZ X-500. The Synth Sounds (Hexlayer) are awesome. Wintertime is Keyboard Time for me :) I can not really good play, but i like to play electronic sound carpets.. Too bad that not so much happens here. I always watch the page. A nice holiday season for you all.
  8. Tom, my friend, Your music is immortal and a part of my life I will miss you every day
  9. Toolkit is a beta with many bugs. I have trouble with this too. I can't add a vocals track or special tuning add is not possible. Try the "official" toolkit version
  10. No, never seen before :D Nice Pic, but not funny! :huh: No Idea, maybe a bug with showlight/FHP or a bug with the arpeggio/handshape mark in EoF, if marked. This Problem need a report to the developers of EoF/Toolkit. too many bugs in the last time in this tools :(
  11. Yes, one of the best people and musician is no more now. A black day for me too. :( R.i.P. Chuck! CF has some good charted songs released and the other songs in your book have no bass tab. I can't find a good bass tab for this :mellow:
  12. Yes, we miss you Lacey! ...but sometimes are other things important in our live. Have a good time further, Lacey!
  13. Hi Terry, I have tried yesterday two times via e-mail to becomes the Details for the Hipchat Group. Please send me the Details on my E-MAIL address : hs.psncdn(at)yahoo.com Tank You!
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