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What is your set-list?



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From the official songs and DLC, I try to keep relatively current on:


Blitzkrieg Bop
Every Breath You Take
Knocking on Heaven's Door
Living After Midnight
Losing My Religion
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Mississippi Queen
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Stach Boogie
Tom Sawyer
We are the Chapmions
You Really Got Me
From CDLC, I am either current on, or trying to regain currency in these songs that I used to play:
18 and Life
Immigrant Song
Love is Stronger Than Justice
Purple Haze
She Talks to Angels
Some Kind of Wonderful
Stairway to Heaven
Stand By Me
Takin Care of Business
All Right Now
Day Tripper
Feel Like Making Love
Enter Sandman
Hard to Handle
Johnny B. Goode
Nothing Else Matters
Sweet Child O Mine

There are also a bunch more on my To Do list.

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When I put on Rocksmith I generally just work my way from the top of the list to the bottom (sorted by tuning), playing any song that interests me.


This is definitely a horrible way of learning, but it's fun :P


That's not horrible.  I ran through all of the songs when I first got Rocksmith for Christmas.  You get a reward after you run through them all, so it's a great goal (and you don't have to play them well - just get through them).  Besides, you have to have fun, or there is no point.

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I tend to play a lot of the customs I created, because they are songs I've always wanted to learn to play.  I do mix it up a bit though.


Boston - Rock & Roll Band

"- Piece of Mind

Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On

Joe Satriani - Summer Song

" - Surfing with the Alien

" - Echo

Iron Maiden - The Trooper

Symphony X - Sea of Lies

" - Accolade II

Van Halen - Hot for Teacher

AC/DC - Back in Black

Muse - Madness

" - Resistance

Yngwie Malmsteen - Hold on

" - I am a Viking

Sometimes I use big words that I don't completely understand, just to make myself seem more photosynthesis.

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