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RS Playlist & Rocksniffer

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16 hours ago, TheRealMeanMachine said:

i have spent hours trying to find guidance on how to get these two things into my streamlabs OBS.  Can anyone point me to a guide?

RSPlaylist discord has a guide in #how-to-setup-the-bot. 
Rocksniffer is just add a browser source in obs, stick the url in, then run the program when streaming.

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I found the solution, I am writing it as it could be useful to others. It's necessary to give kokolibo administrator privileges, then "/mod kokolibot" to be inserted in the chat and then activate the requests with the command "!requests on". The complete list of commands can be found at the following link: https://rsplaylist.com/ajax/form-help.php

Hope this helps


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  • Moderator

One of the RS Playlist admins here, if you're having trouble with the discord - make sure you read the rules and react to the post and the rest of the discord will open up to you and you will be able to see the #how-to-set-up-the-bot channel 

1. Go to https://rsplaylist.com
2. Click the login button in the top right.
3. On that homepage under the Discord link, there should be a hyperlink that says 'Go to my playlist' - click that.
4. At the top of the page, there should be a tab called 'Channel Settings' - click that.
5. A window should have popped up with some settings.
5a. In the General tab, enable that box. That brings the Kokolibot to your Twitch channel.
5b. In the Account tab, connect your CustomsForge account.
5c. Go to your twitch channel and type /mod kokolibot and then go back to the RS Playlist settings window.
5d. In the Moderators tab, click the 'update moderator list' button.
5e. In the Requests tab, make sure the 'Enable Request Module' AND 'Allow anyone to request' boxes are checked.
6. Scroll down and click 'Save Settings'

From there, it's just a matter of fine tuning the settings to suit your streams - if you follow the steps above, that will at least get the bot to your channel and take requests.

If the Kokolibot ever leaves your channel, double check that General tab. As a safety measure, we have disable itself from channels it fails to connect to.

For an actual full list of the commands for the Kokolibot: https://goo.gl/jDohgM
(https://rsplaylist.com/ajax/form-help.php is a very old version of the commands and is missing quite a bit)

As for getting them into SLOBS/ OBS:
For the playlist - add a browser source to your scene and in the URL box, put your playlist link. 
- Then you can use the CSS box to hide some of the elements you don't want. Or alternatively, just crop the source to hide any bits.

For Rocksniffer - https://github.com/kokolihapihvi/RockSniffer/wiki/Set-Up

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thanks very much this helped me out a lot only thing i had a issue with is and this is funny i have a 2 pc setup and when changing the ip address in the addon coding i could not figure out how to edit the script.js LOL well turns out when you click on the addon folder and see config just right mouse click and hit edit all the ip address is there and port!!

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