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Realtone recognition stops mid song



Hello everyone, got a strange issue I was wandering if anyone has experienced or know a solution to.

I recently started playing Rocksmith 2014 again after not playing for a few years, all seemed fine at first however around 30-40 minutes into playing, mid song I will hear a garbled kind of noise, after that I’ll miss notes despite clearly hitting them and the sound from the Realtone cable will be completely gone (I can still hear the in game sounds and songs.

Restarting the game fixes it for a while but I will always have this issue after around 30-40 minutes of play.  I have had the Realtone cable since 2011 so could it just be that a new cable is required or can anyone think of anything else to resolve the issue.  Thanks in advance

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7 minutes ago, MaZtoR said:

Verify the integrity of your game files. (in steam)

It helped me when i had the same problem a year or so ago.


Thanks, will give this a try, I might eventually have to bite the bullet and buy a new Realtone cable

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