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Starting a topic just to share the SP songs I'm working on, as I plan on doing several & maybe this will help avoid any cross-work.

I am currently getting close to finished with Porcelina of the Vast Oceans - it will include a lead based on variations of how Billy plays it live.

Stuff I will get to next:
Zwan (Billy Corgan's former project)- Jesus I Mary Star of the Sea
Hello Kitty Kat

Songs I plan on doing eventually if no one else does:
Fuck You (An Ode to No One)
Tales of a Scorched Earth
For Martha
Blank Page
Glass Theme
Cash Car Star
In My Body
SPeed Kills


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Started doing a new CDLC for Geek USA from scratch. The current one starts out alright but gets way off from what is played after the first 1.5 minute marker. Its also missing the bass arrangement which I will add, along with better tones.

Porcelina is getting close to finished (for version 1 anyway) but it turned out to be a major effort, so I'm taking my time before first upload

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Don't think anyone reads these topics but should have Geek USA finished soon hopefully

Became short on spare time recently but will try to sort this one out this week

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Well, for what its worth, I happened upon this....and I personally think there should be a lot more quality Pumpkins stuff out there.  I would love a better version of Soma as well.   I also can believe that Siva is not uploaded anymore.  I cut my guitar teeth playing along to the first few Pumpkin albums and its always been somewhat disappointing that the stuff out there for RS is limited or not the best tabs/tones.  

Appreciate the effort!

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Thanks @dt7667!

Yeah, I agree.. that's why I had to redo Mayonaise, being one of their best ever songs.

I will have a look at Soma and see what I think. If you have any other particular songs, let me know. If anyone else wants to take over working on a song, post it up and feel free since I won't necessarily being doing any of these super fast.

I checked & I have the old Siva. I can reupload but I don't remember what the quality is like. I only have it stored on my backup drive, not in my game folder so it may not be too great. Will maybe check it out again before uploading cus if its not good, then may as well hold off


Oh, I will maybe also redo Hummer. Had a quick glance and seems like it can use some improvements on the chart

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The siva upload would be great.  Its a fun song to play...if the tones are bad, sometimes I redo them for my copy.  

Hummer was a bit off.  The clean bridge part seemed off from what I recall.  I think Ugly would be a good one.  Nothing complicated with the song, but I've always liked it.  Alot of those b-sides were really good in general.  

I think Quiet could be better too..I think the lead and rhythm parts are mixed together.   Bodies could be better too.   Tales of a Scorched Earth and XYU would be good additions.   But I understand this stuff is time consuming.  I appreciate anything people put out knowing the work it takes.  

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Had a look at the old Siva chart and its playable but has some issues. I will go ahead and redo that one with a better tab, but may go ahead and upload the old one as a placeholder for now cus it looks like its good enough to play along with.

Same thing with Ava Adore.. have an old CDLC that isn't here any more and it looks playable but has some things that need corrected

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