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  1. Just checking in....haven't heard much from you.
  2. How about "Ugly" or "Cherry". Very underrated in my opinion.
  3. I'm much the same way about the newer stuff. Just doesn't hit me the same for whatever reason. It's funny you mention the live show...it really just dawned on me that I never saw them live. I used to hit a lot of shows back in the late 90s early 2000s, even bands I didn't care for much, but I don't even recall the opportunity to see them live. I'm from the St Louis area....I'm sure they had to have came through though right? I haven't been to a legit concert in over a decade now....but I really would consider it if they come through. I mean, I had tons of live bootlegs for them....remember viewphoria? And that jam, breakdown during Silverfuck? I freakin loved that riff!
  4. Was just able to run through the Some "Lead" and play the tones on their own. Once again your tones are great. I love the multi effect. I just sat and noodled with that for 10 mins by itself! I imagine SP is really tough to create tones for considering everything they through in there. Everything seems great on the play through. As a player I don't really ever notice how certain things are shown on the note highway. So you are probably just being too hard on yourself as the creator to make those octave bends look right. Bottom line is that it is 110% better than the other version out there (not that I don't appreciate the work it took for even the "lesser" CDLC). Didn't realize that we are limited to 4 effects in a song...that makes it even harder to make a really good SP track. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the stuff you are putting out on CF. I have a bunch of your work now and its great fun. I literally grew up to playing along with the tab book from Siamese Dream everyday after school as loud as I could before my parents got home. Playing this stuff again just reminds me how much I love guitar and music. Thank you.
  5. Really excited to try this in a bit. I'll let you know. Thank you!!
  6. Man..this is SO much appreciated!
  7. Soma..soma...soma...soma....soma.
  8. Yeah. He was the first drummer that (as a pure guitarist) I recognized as bringing songs to life as much as a melody or lyrics etc.
  9. The tones for Siva sound amazing. Like paid DLC good. Nice work.
  10. Is it Christmas in May??
  11. I didn't think so. Thought it was all pretty good.
  12. Geek USA is good. The clean tone you made is really good. Thanks.
  13. The siva upload would be great. Its a fun song to play...if the tones are bad, sometimes I redo them for my copy. Hummer was a bit off. The clean bridge part seemed off from what I recall. I think Ugly would be a good one. Nothing complicated with the song, but I've always liked it. Alot of those b-sides were really good in general. I think Quiet could be better too..I think the lead and rhythm parts are mixed together. Bodies could be better too. Tales of a Scorched Earth and XYU would be good additions. But I understand this stuff is time consuming. I appreciate anything people put out knowing the work it takes.
  14. Well, for what its worth, I happened upon this....and I personally think there should be a lot more quality Pumpkins stuff out there. I would love a better version of Soma as well. I also can believe that Siva is not uploaded anymore. I cut my guitar teeth playing along to the first few Pumpkin albums and its always been somewhat disappointing that the stuff out there for RS is limited or not the best tabs/tones. Appreciate the effort!
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