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  1. Could i request anything by Rollins Band on Guitar or Bass? Thanks
  2. Red Fang-Cut it short. Ta
  3. Pretty Done by Alice in Chains. Breath on a Window by Alice in Chains Thanks
  4. Peacoat by Stone Temple Pilots Thanks
  5. These two would be great if they could be done. Gwen Stefani-Cool No Doubt-Simple Kind of Life Thanks
  6. Anthrax-Inside Out Anthrax-Keep it in the family Anthrax-Killing Box Anthrax-Stealing from a thief Thank You
  7. So Dead-Manic Street Preachers. Thank You
  8. I had a go on Crush.Very good.
  9. Wow that is a great list.I know it doesn't get talked about alot now but i loved Zwan when they were a thing. Some stuff from Machina would be cool. Good luck i will be keeping an eye out for your work.
  10. Sorry bro i deleted the files but you can change the tone puching 1 to 4 on your keeboard ! 

  11. Anything by the wildhearts Also anything by therapy? Anything by unsane. I would be most grateful. Thanks
  12. Geek USA and soma is already there.
  13. Any chance of any stuff by the following? Therapy? The Wildhearts Rival Schools Zwan Thanks
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