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  1. So Dead-Manic Street Preachers. Thank You
  2. I had a go on Crush.Very good.
  3. Wow that is a great list.I know it doesn't get talked about alot now but i loved Zwan when they were a thing. Some stuff from Machina would be cool. Good luck i will be keeping an eye out for your work.
  4. Sorry bro i deleted the files but you can change the tone puching 1 to 4 on your keeboard ! 

  5. Anything by the wildhearts Also anything by therapy? Anything by unsane. I would be most grateful. Thanks
  6. Geek USA and soma is already there.
  7. Any chance of any stuff by the following? Therapy? The Wildhearts Rival Schools Zwan Thanks
  8. Any chance someone could do Vietnow by Rage against the machine?Thanks
  9. Anything by Therapy?I have already downloaded everything that was there for them. Anything by The Wildhearts Thanks
  10. I got sorted.A guy in work gave me his old laptop.Bought rocksmith off someone on ebay for 12 quid and now have a ton of cdlc im working through.Most of it is really good but some tones especially on some Rush songs have been horrible but most of the other stuff is spot on.
  11. Ah puddle i would be using the hdmi out to my tv so the screen size isnt a big deal to me.
  12. www.littlewoods.com/lenovo-120s-intelreg-pentiumreg-4gbnbspram-64gb-emmc-11-inch-laptop-ndash-grey/1600202716.prd Would that cut it?
  13. Sorry puddle of mudd for lack of info. My budget is about £200.I dont want to play any games apart from rocksmith.I cannot reiterate that enough.I dont care for pc gaming i just want the ability to play cdlc.
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