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Someone willing to help with FSB?


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I am really into making customs for Guitar Hero World Tour on PC, and I've got functioning customs (only replacing old songs though). What really bothers me is that I have separate guitar, bass, drums, etc tracks, so I looked into creating my own multichannel FSBs. I decrypt the old FSBs, create my new FSBs and encrypt them back using the keyfile from the original FSB. Everything goes fine, music plays, even the channels are split, but there is one thing. The FSB containing guitar and bass tracks is playing a little bit faster and causing it to go off sync. When I pause the song, it goes back to sync, but then it again goes off. I don't know what the problem might be, because the other FSBs play normal and are synced.


If anyone had any idea, please post them here, I desperately want it to function. :D I tried to get answers on the old scorehero forum, but it is pretty much dead, so I'm trying to get some info here, because I know a lot of people who were into GH customization actually went to do Rocksmith.


Thank you

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It could be about fourier transform resolution if original; tracks uses 48 000 hz and you used 41 000 or viceversa it could cause some problems with, I got similar symptoms when played FoFix og time ago..

Well, the thing is that all three FSBs are the same format, and only one is doing this thing. Also I tried every possible sampling frequencies and bitrates, but nothing helped...

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