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  1. Hi, I'm trying to do a research for my school work on multimedia hardware. My idea was I would learn how the Real Tone cable works and how Rocksmith recognizes which note is played on the guitar. However, I did find out that these informations are quite hard to find. So I am asking you guys, could you please share any info you know about this topic with me? From what I've learned so far is that the Real Tone cable is similar to a USB sound card - I'm guessing there definitely must be an A/D converter. Also for the note recognition, Rocksmith must be using some kind of Fourier transform?
  2. Well, it was not initially my idea, someone else went before me and asked raynebc to make support for this, I just then helped understand the format.
  3. Hi, does anyone know about any purely instrumental (and fun, if possible :D) songs for RS 2014? (for example in the same fashion like Jules in original RS). Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. For me, I was really confused when I looked at tabs at the first time (way before Rocksmith) and it still feels unnatural for me. Of course here were some good logical points to why is the Tab done this way, but my brain can't really take it. For me it seems way more simple and cleaner to see exactly the string you are playing at the same order as you are looking from back of the guitar (that seems more logical to me).
  5. Well, the thing is that all three FSBs are the same format, and only one is doing this thing. Also I tried every possible sampling frequencies and bitrates, but nothing helped...
  6. I do List and then generate. I did the sections and phrases and it seems to solve my problem. Thanks, raynebc!
  7. Hi, I am really into making customs for Guitar Hero World Tour on PC, and I've got functioning customs (only replacing old songs though). What really bothers me is that I have separate guitar, bass, drums, etc tracks, so I looked into creating my own multichannel FSBs. I decrypt the old FSBs, create my new FSBs and encrypt them back using the keyfile from the original FSB. Everything goes fine, music plays, even the channels are split, but there is one thing. The FSB containing guitar and bass tracks is playing a little bit faster and causing it to go off sync. When I pause the song, it goes
  8. Ok, I'll try that. I always do automatic generation of fret hand positions by EoF, so I'll try to add sections and phrases. Thank you
  9. I just noticed in my CDLCs, that the game shows the full fretboard zoomed out, instead of only the needed part which can be zoomed in. It's like it is zoomed out preparing to jump to higher frets, but actually it is zoomed out even if there is longer part on lower frets. Is it just me not doing something to prevent this, or is this the problem with all CDLCs?
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