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I may have missed some songs. I know some of them exist, but can't find them with the Search function. Corrections are welcome. L = lead, R = rhythm, B = bass, V = vocals. Tab links to songsterr.com are merely suggestions, and I don't know if the tabs are accurate at all.


Rush (1974) (2/8)

Finding My Way (tabs)

Need Some Love (bernixix: LRB)

Take a Friend (tabs)

Here Again (tabs)

What You're Doing (tabs)

In the Mood (tabs)

Before and After (tabs)

Working Man (mikewiehle: LB; bokkiej: LRBV)


Fly by Night (1975) (8/8 - full album!)

Anthem (bernixix: LBV)

Best I Can (joe21121: LBV)

Beneath, Between & Behind (joe21121: LBV)

By-Tor & the Snow Dog (joe21121: LBV)

Fly by Night (bernixix: LRBV)

Making Memories (joe21121: LRBV)

Rivendell (joe21121: LRV)

In the End (joe21121: LBV)


Caress of Steel (1975) (5/5 - full album!)

Bastille Day (Tull67: LRB)

I Think I'm Going Bald (joe21121: LRBV)

Lakeside Park (bernixix: LRBV)

The Necromancer (joe21121: LBV)

The Fountain of Lamneth (joe21121: LBV)


2112 (1976) (6/6 - full album!)

2112 (joe21121: LBV)

A Passage to Bangkok (bernixix: LRBV)

The Twilight Zone (joe21121: LRBV)

Lessons (TheBestAlex: LRBV)

Tears (joe21121: LBV)

Something for Nothing (joe21121: LBV)


A Farewell to Kings (1977) (6/6 - full album!)

A Farewell to Kings (joe21121: LBV)

Xanadu (bernixix: LBV)

Closer to the Heart (bernixix: LBV; J1nn: L)

Cinderella Man (joe21121: LBV)

Madrigal (joe21121: LBV)

Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage (joe21121: LBV)


Hemispheres (1978) (3,167/4)

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres (tabs)

1. Prelude (joe21121: LBV)

2. Apollo

3. Dionysus

4. Armageddon

5. Cygnus

6. The Sphere

Circumstances (TheBestAlex: LBV)

The Trees (TheBestAlex: LBV; GetTheLedOut: LBV)

La Villa Strangiato (TheBestAlex: LB; Izzy: LB)


Permanent Waves (1980) (6/6 - full album!)

The Spirit of Radio (Rocksmith 2014)

Freewill (TheBestAlex: BV)

Jacob's Ladder (joe21121: LBV)

Entre Nous (joe21121: LBV)

Different Strings (joe21121: LBV)

Natural Science (joe21121: LBV)


Moving Pictures (1981) (7/7 - full album!)

Tom Sawyer (Rocksmith DLC)

Red Barchetta (Rocksmith DLC)

YYZ (Rocksmith DLC)

Limelight (Rocksmith DLC)

The Camera Eye (joe21121: LBV)

Fear Part III: Witch Hunt (joe21121: LBV)

Vital Signs (TheBestAlex: LBV)


Signals (1982) (7/8)

Subdivisions (Rocksmith DLC)

The Analog Kid (bernixix: LBV)

Chemistry (Brooklyn_Sounds: LBV, joe21121: LBV)

Digital Man (joe21121: LBV)

Fear Part II: The Weapon (joe21121: LBV)

New World Man (tabs)

Losing It (joe21121: LBV)

Countdown (joe21121: LBV)


Grace Under Pressure (1984) (8/8 - full album!)

Distant Early Warning (joe21121: LBV)

Afterimage (joe21121: LV; Snickering: B)

Red Sector A (joe21121: LV)

Fear Part I: The Enemy Within (joe21121: LBV)

The Body Electric (joe21121: LBV)

Kid Gloves (joe21121: LBV)

Red Lenses (joe21121: LBV)

Between the Wheels (joe21121: LBV)


Power Windows (1985) (1/8)

The Big Money (tabs)

Grand Designs (tabs)

Manhattan Project (joe21121: LBV)

Marathon (tabs)

Territories (tabs)

Middletown Dreams (tabs)

Emotion Detector (tabs)

Mystic Rhythms (tabs)


Hold Your Fire (1987) (3/10)

Force Ten (kjhfkk: LB)

Time Stand Still (joe21121: LBV)

Open Secrets

Second Nature (tabs)

Prime Mover (tabs)

Lock and Key

Mission (tabs)

Turn the Page (TheBestAlex: LBV)

Tai Shan

High Water (tabs)


Presto (1989) (6/11)

Show Don't Tell (joe21121: LBV)

Chain Lightning (joe21121: LBV)

The Pass (joe21121: LBV)

War Paint (joe21121: LBV; TomSawyer2112: LBV)


Presto (joe21121: LBV)

Superconductor (joe21121: LBV)

Anagram (for Mongo) (tabs)

Red Tide

Hand over Fist (tabs)

Available Light (tabs)


Roll the Bones (1991) (1/10)

Dreamline (kjhfkk: L)

Bravado (tabs)

Roll the Bones (tabs)

Face Up (tabs)

Where's My Thing? (tabs)

The Big Wheel (tabs)

Heresy (tabs)

Ghost of a Chance (tabs)


You Bet Your Life


Counterparts (1993) (1/11)

Animate (tabs)

Stick It Out (tabs)

Cut to the Chase (tabs)

Nobody's Hero (tabs)

Between Sun & Moon (tabs)

Alien Shore (tabs)

The Speed of Love (tabs)

Double Agent (tabs)

Leave That Thing Alone (bernixix: LB)

Cold Fire (tabs)

Everyday Glory (tabs)


Test for Echo (1996) (0/11)

Test for Echo (tabs)

Driven (tabs)

Half the World (tabs)

The Color of Right

Time and Motion (tabs)

Totem (tabs)

Dog Years

Virtuality (tabs)

Resist (tabs)


Carve Away the Stone


Vapor Trails (2002) (0/13)

One Little Victory (tabs)

Ceiling Unlimited (tabs)

Ghost Rider (tabs)

Peaceable Kingdom (tabs)

The Stars Look Down

How It Is (tabs)

Vapor Trail (tabs)

Secret Touch (tabs)

Earthshine (tabs)

Sweet Miracle (tabs)

Nocturne (tabs)

Fear Part IV: Freeze (tabs)

Out of the Cradle (tabs)


Snakes & Arrows (2007) (2/13)

Far Cry (DeathJohnson: BV)

Armor and Sword (tabs)

Workin' Them Angels (tabs)

The Larger Bowl (A Pantoum) (tabs)

Spindrift (tabs)

The Main Monkey Business (tabs)

The Way the Wind Blows (tabs)

Hope (tabs)

Faitless (tabs)

Bravest Face (tabs)

Good News First (tabs)

Malignant Narcissism (TheBestAlex: B)

We Hold On (tabs)


Clockwork Angels (2012) (2/12)

Caravan (DeathJohnson: B)

BU2B (tabs)

Clockwork Angels (tabs)

The Anarchist (tabs)

Carnies (tabs)

Halo Effect

Seven Cities of Gold (tabs)

The Wreckers (tabs)

Headlong Flight (Rocksmith DLC)


Wish Them Well (tabs)

The Garden (tabs)


Overall tally: 74,167 / 165 of songs, with seven full albums. Pretty nice.

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Below is a link to some Rush tabs I have.

I got them from a random torrent a while back - so no promises as to their quality, but maybe they can speed the process of this discography up a bit.



Thanks, I'll check them out

TheBestAlex's CDLC Workshop


Discography Project
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