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EoF: Error importing certain Guitar Pro files

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Hey guys!! I'm having trouble importing certain Guitar Pro tabs in EoF, when I import the .gp5 etc, it sometimes says 'The imported track's fret count is lower than notes already in the track. The fret count will not be changed'. Now, this usually happens when I try to import My Chemical Romance songs such as, 'Dead!'. This is really starting to annoy me, so please, if anyone knows a solution, post it as a response.. Much obliged.. 


-BeastWithMoDz :) 

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Normally, when a GP file is loaded, the track's fret limit is set based on the content of the imported GP track. But if your preferences are configured so that the GP file is only imported into the active track difficulty instead of replacing the entire track, and other difficulties in the active track use a fret number higher than the imported GP track, this message is given. It's OK to do nothing about it, it's not an error, it's just informational.

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So, have you found the problem for me yet please?

Like I mentioned earlier, I'd need you to send me a Guitar Pro file that isn't importing correctly.Otherwise the message you referred to in the first post isn't a problem that needs to be fixed. EOF will automatically increase the fret limit if necessary when you import a GP file.
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There seemed to be an issue with the fret limit updating, so I'll fix that, but I think the remaining issue is that measures #21 and #38 needs to be properly marked as the 2nd alternate ending in the choruses. It may be implied that's where playback resumes after the repeat during alternate ending 1, but I've seen GP files that assume different things so it's best to be specific. After I added that notation, EOF imported the GP file's first track so that it expanded to 79 measures, which seems to be complete.


Measure 55 of the first track needs some attention though, it says to play some very high numbered frets on the low E string, going as high as fret 30. They'll need to be transposed to appropriate notes on the higher strings.

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